Hochi Mama (Invited)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Hochi Mama is a place I have been before when they first opened. Famous for their pho plings (pho dumplings). Now, they are serving something unique and invited us there to taste it first hand. Fusion brunch? Sure, it's everywhere. But fusion yum cha? What? Never hearing this concept before, I was really excited to try Hochi Mama's take on yumcha. 

I ordered some jasmine tea which was, hint, the drink to order for this yumcha. The first thing that was served to us was the duck sushi taco which strangely reminded me how much I love white rice. The crisp tacos were accompanied by fragrantly marinated duck and was accompanied by sour kimchi. The combination of flavours were just so great! There was also wasabi mayo that just added another element of spiciness into the dish. Overall, it was the perfect union of flavours and textures!

Hochi Fried Chicken with Spicy Mayo. I've had a lot of Asian style fried chickens and this one definitely makes a name for itself. What makes it different from other fried chickens is this distinctly strong ginger taste that's imbued in the coating. It's like fried hainanese chicken with extra ginger! While it's not exactly the best fusion fried chicken I've had, it's still pretty good. 

Pan Fried Prawn Dumpling. These dumplings are just basically a fried version of hakao. Surprisingly even after being fried, it still retained its white casing. The shrimp was sweet and succulent. Although I wanted it to be a bit crispier, they were still great dumplings. 

Matcha Green Tea Tofu Bao. These green tea baos were so cute looking. With a giant deep fried slab of tofu extending beyond the baos, the tofu mocks the appearance of a pork belly. Because I didn't really read the menu, I was also expecting some sort of spam-pork belly slab, so when I bit into it I was surprised. The accompaniment of the sour kimchi and tart mayo livened the tofu - making this dish probably a great dish to convince non tofu lovers about the awesomeness of tofu. 

Crispy Banh Xeo with Salmon. I know this was supposed to be salmon, but I couldn't really taste it? It just tastes of the tofu. The banh xeo (omelette) wasn't crisp enough for me and it had a doughiness that I didn't enjoy. It was still a refreshing contrast to the other dishes. The fragrant, sweet coconut paste was a great accompaniment to the beansprouts but the nuoc cham dipping sauce that was equally sweet didn't really complement it.

Brownies with strawberry sorbet and pandan custard. A pretty looking dish. Each element worked well on its own.The strawberry ice cream was really refreshing, the brownies were moist, and the pandan custard was very creamy. There was just too much sweetness and an extra sourness or tartness would lift the dish up in my opinion. 

Overall, yumcha at Hochi Mama was a fantastic and unique experience. All of the dishes were well-thought. I needed something to relieve all the elements of sweetness present in all the dishes - but the Jasmine tea I ordered worked well. As in per traditional yumcha, the tea worked to just cleanse my palate after each savoury and flavoursome side.

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Hochi Mama
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