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Heresy is a cozy cafe slash coffee-stand just nestled in an alley off Collins St. It stands out from the rest of the establishment in the lane, just by being plain white. I like the general no-nonsense approach. Yes it tries to stand out, not by being more, but by being less, because less is more. Maybe that’s heretical.

I love the lush, greenery decor and the wooden interior. We were one of the first ones to arrive and came across the place so unexpectedly as we were expecting a large brunch place! The place is small. Very-very small. But smart decors with big open “window” and darkened mirror prevent you from being claustrophobic.

I started with soy chai latte. The saucer is white and flat, without the typical middle dent for the cup. The cup is white and it has no handle. This is just another example of being different, by being less, and getting more out of it. And when they need accent, it won’t be a highly decorated tea spoon, just a normal spoon, but of copper. The foam was thick, very thick, and I love it. Some people hates foams, because it means less coffee. But for me, I’ll buy a cupful of foam. Everything was just right. This chai, as a microcosm of the whole Heresy philosophy, doesn’t try to be fancy, or innovative, or different. It just plain old chai, as conventional as it gets. Good ingredients, nothing more. Rock solid. The coffee here is definitely 5 out of 5 for me. It’s just the sort of coffee that I like - the type that just goes so marvellously smooth against your palate. Unlike a lot of places that I visit, they didn’t burn my soy milk! So that’s definitely a major plus. And this makes perfect sense given where it is and its target market. Will I bring my visiting group of friends from overseas here? Maybe no since the place is so small. But I if were to live or work near this place, will I get it everyday? Definitely yes.

Nevertheless, Heresy is the place to be for coffee fans (and chai lattes) and health nuts alike! We sat with one of the co-owners who told us amusing stories about the concept of the place and he gave us several of his suggested slogans that was so funny that I simply could not explain in this review. We also had a wonderful chat with his son and wife - what a lovely family! We also chatted with another owner who told us that the place where Heresy was, used to be an old loading back from a century ago. There is still a little elevator that you can spot when you enter the cafe! 


The food menu is tailored for people who are on the go who are particularly health conscious with a rotation of seasonal salads. Here’s what we got to try on our visit starting with African dukkah sweet potato and teff salad. I couldn’t really taste the sweetness of the potato (unlike the roast pumpkin salad I’ll review below), but it does have some interesting textures coming from the nuts which slightly reminded me of the Indonesian fruit salad, ‘rujak’. 

Roast pumpkin and chickpea salad. My favourite out of all the things we got to try. If I decided to be vegan, this would probably be the thing that I come back for on a weekly basis in desperation for something scrumptious to get. The chickpea was well seasoned with what I believe is hints of cumin and paprika. The roast pumpkin was so deliciously smooth and it just lifted up the whole salad for me!

The Unusual Suspects (breakfast salad of broccoli, avocado, kale, buckwheat, pistachios, almonds, chili & a poached egg). This one was a bit of a miss for me. It definitely is a must-have for health conscious eaters out there though! The texture was again, interesting, but there was this other spice in the slightly acidic dressing that I cannot identify that was just too strong for me. I prefer my eggs runny. But given that their kitchen is not in the venue, I think that’s completely forgivable. 

The Lead Roll  (Sourdough Roll with bacon, egg, harissa, spinach & avocado). Great breakfast roll with sourdough that is just at the right texture - not too hard but not too soft either! The harissa really upped this roll for me - it added an element of strong spices that I didn’t expect! It truly did transform a decent breakfast roll into one’s that a little bit special. 

Chia Up Fool and Berry Breakfast Jar. Not being a big coconut yoghurt fan, I wasn’t really expecting to like this jar. I am surprised to find that I didn’t hate the yoghurt too much. Once I’ve mixed it up with the raspberry chia, nuts and the banana - the breakfast jar was a healthy and filling start to the day. 

K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid - baked egg of feta, cherry tomato and brazil). A decent baked egg ‘muffin’ that was well seasoned. Nothing special, but it’s a light start to the day. 

Bountylicious Slice. One of the owners had made this by herself. It’s essentially a coconut slice - and I really liked the extra crunchiness of the shredded coconut in the slice! It tastes good and is healthy too. Double win. 

Chocolate Brownie. This decadent brownie is made from (wait for it…) both avocado and sweet potato! I honestly can’t tell from the super fudgey, and rich chocolatey flavours it has. I had experienced a failed attempt in making a sweet potato brownie which long story short, tasted like the block version of a nutty protein ball with way way too much nuts. But this place definitely nails the whole healthy brownie bit! It was a little bit too cocoa-heavy for me, but chocolate lovers will rejoice for this healthier swap for a chocolate brownie. 

As a place whose main aim is to brew the best coffee that they can - I think they have fulfilled that. I would give them a solid five out of five for the coffees! The food was good, but there were just some things that didn't suit me. On the other hand, their salad and breakfast jar, tasted plain at first. But this is exactly the kind of food I wish to eat everyday, at least on the days I feel healthy. I still prefer their salads anI prefer my eggs runny. But given that their kitchen is not in the venue, I think that’s completely forgivable. d breakfast jars over their savourly lines. Somewhere in me knows that adding crispy bacon bits over “the unusual suspects” salad would make it very lovely, but then again, what’s the point…

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26/10 Equitable Place
Melbourne, VIC 3000