Food Social P: Portugal (Invited)

Monday, June 12, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Bar Lourinha has been serving up happy times for 10 years, located in the heart of Melbourne CBD. They believe in sincere, true hospitality from the heart. It has been going strong for a long time with good reviews from everywhere.

I was invited yet again to Food Social Global Feast event and now it's time for Portugal. I have been to Portugal in 2013 and I love their coffee. The restaurant it self is divided into two storey, first level includes high bar chair and stools, second level is for private functions. I like their big window on the second level, creates a nice grand effect for functions.

We start with Yellowtail Kingfish 'pancetta' & lemon oil and Cantimpalo. Everyone loves the kingfish sashimi with slight pancetta and lemon oil on top, the fish was light and fresh with subtle seasonings but enough. The cantimpalo was beautifully thinly slice with a salty finish.

Stretched Curd, heirloom carrots & fennel. I love the smooth texture of the curd, it's refreshing and light but I'm a bit conflicted about the carrot just because it's a bit too sour for my taste but the crunchy texture provide a contrast to the curd.

House Chorizo, nicola potato & red wine. This is the dish that many people have been waiting for. The sausage it self was pack full of flavour, salty and spicy. The potato was a bit too firm for me but it taste interesting with the red wine.

Spiced Chickpea & spinach. The surprise of the night. We did not expect this chickpea would be so delicious. It has so much spice in it, similar to dry curry and perfectly partnered with the spinach for freshness. Love it.

Lamb Shoulder & spiced rice. Honestly, it's very similar with lamb fried rice. The rice is very soft and mushy but still enjoyable. The lamb was tender but it still has that gummy taste and smell. Out of al I love their garlic chips.

Pomegranate crema & pistachio praline caramel. From the sounds of it, I didn't thought I will love ir this much. Fresh sweet and sour smooth creme with crunchy fresh pomegranate, pistachio and sweet caramel on top. Decadent and delicious.

Honestly, I think this is the best Food Social event I have been to, in terms of food. Bar Lourinha served good delicious food as well as well portioned. The service was top notch, very well phase, fast and very accomodating. We ended the event on time and left with a happy feeling.

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Bar Lourinha
37 Little Collins St
Melbourne, VIC 3000
Monday-Thursday: 12pm-11pm
Sunday: Closed