Yolo Coffee Cafe

Wednesday, May 03, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Yolo Coffee Cafe is a relatively new cafe located at the main street of Springvale. I found this cafe by chance, I was stopping by Springvale to buy some cold drinks and went home, then decided to try the new cafe instead.

I was pretty impressed with the petit interior but well decorated. There are several seats out front then several more indoor. The cafe it's not suitable for a large group of people since there are limited seatings available. 

It was pretty humid so I was a bit conflicted between cold or hot drinks so I ordered both; Sugar Cane ($5.5) and Latte ($3.8). The sugar cane come fresh everyday which I highly appreciated and there are jug size available for $20, I was tempted to bought this for everybody at home. To my surprise, their coffee was delicious, perfect temperature, creamy with a strong coffee taste. 

Signature Dessert; a choice of 3 flavours ice cream and 3 choices of toppings ($8). I picked coconut, green tea and mango sorbet with peanut, coconut jelly and grass jelly. The ice cream was served in a coconut bowl, unique presentations but because of that the ice cream was limited. I think I would prefer bigger size ice cream and toppings, the taste was pretty good though.

The owner was really friendly and accomodating, I would love to come back to try more of their drinks and ice cream. I can imagine my self going back to Yolo Coffee over and over again for different kinds of cravings.

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Yolo Coffee Cafe
29D Buckingham Ave
Springvale, VIC 3171
Monday-Saturday: 7am-9pm
Sunday: 8am-9pm