Tokyo Tina

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Tokyo Tina modern menu is inspired by a trip to Japan, designed by part owner Adrian Li, other owners Charlie Rothery, Paul Nguyen, Simon Blacher, Nic Coulter and George Proudfood as Head Chef. Tokyo Tina is belong to the same family as Hanoi Hannah and Saigon Sally.

I had tried Hanoi Hannah before but never Tokyo Tina or Saigon Sally, every time I want to visit Saigon Sally they are always full. On a gloomy Sunday, we pass by Windsor looking for lunch then to my surprise Tokyo Tina has plenty of table so I thought to my self, here's my chance. Walking inside the venue, the Japanese influences clearly prominent but it doesn't feel like a traditional restaurant in Japan or something you would find in Japan but that's what the owners are aiming for. Manga, Anime and Nintendo characters are placed all over the venue inside and out, simple furnitures, open bar creates a middle grown between Japan and Australia. The drink list contains a decent list of Japanese whiskeys, sake, umeshu and beers as well as innovative cocktail mixture.

Pork & Kim Chi Gyoza - pomegranate, soy vinegar, spring onion ($14/4pcs). Adrian Li previously explained the complicated process of creating a good gyoza but sadly for me the gyoza it self a lil bit disappointing. The skin was crunchy but a bit burned, the fillings was decent but the sauce was delicious but I expected something more since I have eaten hundreds type of gyoza by now.

Okonomiyaki Japanese Pancake - cabbage, spring onion and yuzu aioli ($14). My husband is a big fan of okonomiyaki and when we are in Japan he had eaten a bunch of them in different places. The okonomiyaki was crunchy on the outside, moist inside with generous sauces but nothing too outstanding.

Open California Rolls - WA Spanner crab, avocado kewpie, cucumber ($14). It's a fun concept to make your own open California rolls, it's a bit messy but fun. Generous succulent crab meat mixed in with avocado kewpie, nori and rice certainly a delicious mixture.

DIY Pork Belly - pickled daikon, teriyaki sauce, kewpie ($15/2pcs). The pork was crunchy, the fat just burst in your mouth but somehow not too greasy. I love the kewpie inside the moist fluffy sweet bao mixed in with the thick teriyaki sauce.

Tokto Tina is not your typical Japanese restaurant and I would not visit them to satisfy my Japanese food cravings because nearly everything on the menu has a twist of creativity. But the place is certaily cool with fast great service.

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Tokyo Tina
66a Chapel St
Windsor, VIC 3181
Monday-Tuesday: 5pm-10.30pm
Wednesday-Sunday: 12pm-10.30pm