The Butlers Den

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

The Butlers Den is the hot new brunch cafe in town right now. It quickly attract bloggers, foodies and locals because of their beautiful colourful dishes just like their sister cafe The Glass Den. The menu focus on local produce with an Asian twist.

It was another day to drop my mom off to the airport, we went for a morning brunch with the whole family. I was pretty impress of the location and the size of the cafe. It's right on the beach with spacious indoor seating area, perfect for families or large group of people. There were a group of cyclers occupied one side of the restaurant. Pretty suiting since the have cycle parking area in front, together with small outdoor space area with a couple high tables on it. I personally love the blue art on the back wall, I think they are charming. I tried their coffee and taro latte, the coffee was too watery and bitter for my taste but the taro latte has a nice taro taste without being to sweet. I like it.

The Bene - soft shell crab served on house made charcoal scones with pickled daikon, ginger, asparagus, poached eggs, pea soil, turmeric hollandaise ($23). The charcoal scones was pretty sweet and fluffy but I don't really like the ginger on the dish, I think it's a bit over powering but the pea soil was interesting and amazingly taste good. Soft shell crab on the other hand, a bit dry but the creamy hollandaise helps tie everything together.

Salmon Toko - house cured salmon popsicles with takoyaki, pickled daikon, beets eggs, kewpie, turmeric hollandaise, sesame and tangerine ($23.5). This was my favourite dish out of all, the ingredients are simply beautifully partnered. The only concern is the portions was way too small even though the takoyaki was super creamy and lovely so is the sauce and salmon.

My mom ordered Total Brekky - charcoal toast, bacon, king mushroom, chorizo, baked beans, kale, roasted roma tomato, eggs ($25). We all thought, this dish going to be the most ordinary out of all but no, we were wrong. Every ingredient on the plate were very well executed and seasoned. I would gladly order this again.

Tempura Ramen - beets udon with prawn, inoki mushroom, asparagus, pickled daikon, soft boiled egg, seaweed chip and miso tare ($21). I was a bit sceptical of the beet udon but I barely taste the beet in it. The broth was pretty flavourful even though still can't compete with specialise ramen restaurant.

Brownie Waffle - vanilla bean waffle with brownie bites, matcha soil, burnt marshmallows, strawberry, blueberry citrus meringue, strawberry coulis, house made cookies and cream ice cream ($25). This was the dish I have been waiting for. The waffle was well prepared with a fluffy inside and slight crispiness outside. My mom loves the brownie, not too sweet to balance the sweet burnt marshmallows and creaminess of cream ice cream.

All the dishes was beautifully presented, they are out of this world and in terms of flavour they were good. The only downside was the price and portions, the price was pretty high for a cafe even though I can understand they are charging for the art they put on the plate but the portions was pretty small too. The extra's was even more expensive in my opinion. 

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The Butlers Den
63b Ormond Esplanade
Elwood, VIC 3184
Monday-Sunday: 8am-4.30pm