Tacocat (Invited)

Monday, May 22, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Tacocat is all about taking Traditional Mexican food and mixed it with other classic cuisines from around the world. Their slogan stated "Make tacos not war!" says it all. Mexican street food is known to be fresh, flavoursome with a quick face slap of chilli perfect on it's own or fusion with other delicious cuisines.

The place it self is very bright and eye catching from the outside. I feel it has a smart interior style and cute like their logo. We were seated in a long table, together with other bloggers who also been invited to taste their dishes.

Ceviche Tostada - calamari, scallops, prawns and fish. This tostada was the first dish brought to us and it's a great way to start the night. It was very refreshing, and the seafood was very fresh. The dressing consisted of lime coriander and a hint of chili, and I'm not sure how but it had slight floral notes that I enjoyed. 

Pho - beef, bean sprouts, mint and Sriracha sauce with broth. I liked the look of the dish - in my opinion, it really does look like Melbourne on a plate. A fusion of tastes and cultures. The broth was very rich and tasty, and it came in a literal shot glass. I sipped it in between bites of the taco and it made the dish quite special. The flavours were alright together, the beef wasn't exactly cooked to the quality of pho shops but it was still pretty tasty. I wished I had more of the herbs inside to truly resemble Vietnamese taste. 

Grasshoper - roasted with chili and garlic, guac and pico de gallo. When these bad boys finally came out, someone in our table said "these tacos are giving my anxiety!" And I had the exact same feeling as I looked down on the tiny grasshopper legs on my plate, just dark and eerie. The waitress said that these are grass-fed grasshoppers (pun intended) sourced locally from a farm in NSW which I found to be a very cute and Aussie thing. I finally geared up enough courage to take a big bite out of my taco and the flavours were surprisingly not bad. The grasshoppers were roasted, so they were crisp. They had a seafood sort of taste to it, and it just resembled slightly bitter deep fried prawn shells/heads. Unfortunately, the whole feeling of crunching into a bunch of tiny grasshopper heads just freaked my brain too much. As they were quite dry, some of the bits and pieces of the grasshopper got stuck in my throat and I just couldn't bring myself to take another bite. Wish I had more courage!

Raw tuna taco with Asian slaw, wasabi mayo and crispy wonton wrappers.Pretty standard. Lacked a contrast in flavours. Almost bland. Elements separately were good, but together they didn't match. Added chipotle bbq sauce from the table which mase dish better

Deep fried tequila shot with lemon sorbet. I couldn't really taste the tequila and but it went  alright. I absolutely raved over the lemon sorbet and would go back for more.

It was a fun event with a warm hospitality from beginning to end from Tacocat team. I certainly have a plesant night.

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118 High St
Windsor, VIC 3181
Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Friday: 5pm-10pm
Saturday-Sunday: 8am-10pm