Papa Goose (Invited)

Tuesday, May 02, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Papa Goose is a modern British dining at Flinders Ln, Melbourne CBD. It has been on my radar for quite some time and I certainly have passed by the restaurant lots of times then when first table have the early bird dinner deal, I thought to my self, it's my time to finally taste Papa Goose.

I arrived on a weekdays night at 5.30pm. First time entering the restaurant, I fall in love straight away with the interior. The lighting was dim, romantic yet charming and the place has a comfortable yet lively vibe.

My husband has been aiming for this since he saw the menu online; Chicken Liver Parfait - brioche, quince ($12). The parfait was smooth, tasty but still have a lil bit of gummy chicken smell in it but with the super delicious warm sweet brioche and quince. It was a nice starter.

I wanted this from the get go;Bone Marrow - bacon crust, onion compote, sourdough toast ($15). Love every bits of it, could have another serving just for my self. Flavourful, smooth bone marrow with crunchy thin toasted sourdough and sweet onion compote. Love it.

Seared Scallops - glazed chicken ribs, crayfish salad, sherry jus ($22). Everybody knows that I love scallops and could not resist it. The scallops was perfectly cooked with a fresh light crayfish salad but the ribs was a bit tough even though it was nicely seasoned.

This was also my husband preferences; Wet Roasted Suckling Lamb - brioche crumb, rosemary, potato mash ($37). It comes in a very generous size. The lamb still has the gummy smell but super tender, very well cooked, prepared and seasoned. Nicely partnered with the smooth mash potato and a lil bit of crunchiness from the brioche crumb.

Robin's Island Wagyu Rump MB9+ - onion, parsley sauce ($60). The meat was beautifully cooked and clearly the meat shine through on the dish. I love the light yet flavourful parsley sauce and onion. Simply, a dish I would love to order again. A beautiful piece of meat indeed.

'Peach Melba' - raspberry, white chocolate ($18). I knew I wanted to order this dessert before I enter the restaurant. Beautifully presented and shape like a large peach, break it a part and raspberry pouring from inside. It was mainly sour, I would love a lil bit of sweetness or vanilla mouse would be perfect for it.

The hospitality was perfect from the beginning to end, I would like the meal to be a lil bit faster in phase but that's just my preferences. I receive $75 subsidies from first table before the 50% early bird discount, in total I have to top up around $45 but it's worth it since all the savoury dish was so delicious. Use this promo code for extra discount

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Papa Goose
91 Flinders Ln
Melbourne, VIC 3000
Monday-Sunday: 12pm-3pm & 5.30pm-10.30pm