Uncle (Revisited-Invited)

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

I have been invited to Uncle Collins St launching party earlier this year but then I got invited again for a proper tasting meal. I always prefer a proper tasting meal rather than a party just because I get to taste more food in a more relaxing situation. 

We started our dinner with Virgin Mekong Splice - stolen white rum, mango sorbet, tea shrub, lime, chilli & coconut foam. Peach & Palm Iced Tea ($5.5). Both has a strong, unique flavour but not for everyone. My husband loves it since the mekong splice has a strong chilli like Indonesian Rujak dish flavour and the ice tea has a strong palm sugar but I don't really like it.

My husband loves oysters and he has been very nice during my pregnancy by not eating raw seafood together with me. He doesn't have to and I didn't ask him to, he just wanted to do it. So for a celebration he ordered Natural Oysters - fresh citrus ($4.5ea). It was fresh with a unique cute sour citrus, perfect partnered with oyster.

He also wanted to ordered Crispy Pig's Ears Banh Mi - pickles & peanuts ($6.5ea). The bun was soft and very sweet with super crispy thin pig's ears and perfect seasonings. I would love to order this dish again on my next visit. Love em.

Chicken Tenderloin Steamed Bao - Vietnamese mint & spicy pickle ($13/2pcs). Sadly, the tenderloin was soggy. I would love the chicken to be crispier with much more spice on it since we already have the plain bao but the bao was warm and fluffy.

Pho Bo - Traditional beef noodle soup ($7.5). A heart warming bowl full of goodness, perfect for the winter. Since Melbourne has started the cold weather early, I can imagine this dish will be very popular soon. But I would not come to Uncle for the pho not because it does not taste good, I just prefer their other delicious dishes.

We were debating between the porterhouse and wagyu brisket. Then the staff explained the dish throughly then we opted for the Bo Luc Lac - shaking porterhouse cubes w/ confit pearl onion, smoked tomato salsa, garlic & watercress ($35). The porterhouse was very well cooked, super tender and freshly spiced. Everything in this dish was light, fresh and delicious. My husband does not normally like tomato salsa and he loves this dish so much.

Master Stock Crispy Pork Hoc - banh hoi, lettuce, wraps, fragrant herbs & nuoc cham ($38) and grilled roti bread ($3). This dish also one of my husband choice and it was yummy. The pork hoc was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside with thick sticky sauce, perfect with fresh lettuce.

Set Vietnamese Coffee - coconut ice cream & sesame crisp ($12). This was my highlight of the dinner, I love this dessert so much, I could eat it everyday. The super creamy coffee with cold fresh coconut ice cream and super crispy toast sesame crisp. Just simply perfect!

Tapioca Fruit Salad - sorbet, honeycomb & coconut foam ($12). This is the dessert you should go for, if you are up to something light and fresh to close down your meal. I honestly love this too and wish could have more of that refreshing sorbet.

I honestly love the vibe and the interior of the place as well as the service. I was greeted with a smile and a friendly chit chat regarding my newborn baby. Both me and my husband loves the experience so much since it's a been a month and a half since we went for a relaxing dinner. Since it's located near Melbourne theatre district, it's perfect for pre or post theatre.

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15 Collins St
Melbourne, VIC 3000
Monday-Saturday: 12pm-11pm
Sunday: Closed