Tank (Revisited-Invited)

Saturday, April 01, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Poke bowl apparently become a trend among the community these day. It is healthy, fresh, light and yummy which make a lot of people in love with the poke bowl. Poke bowl originated from a traditional Hawaiian food that similar to Japanese chirasi bowl. I have tried various poke bowls from different restaurants and now I got an opportunity to try Tank versions of Poke Bowl. 

I have always been a big fan of Tank fish and chip and last year I get to try their innovation fish burger. At first, judging from the appearance, to be honest I didn't expect much for the tasty dish because the green colour was so dominant. It contains rice with ponzu sauce, red cabbage and carrot, seaweed salad, pickle cucumber, avocado, corn, apple, coriander leaves, and sesame crushed tuna. 

At the first mouthful, I knew my expectation gone wrong. It was really tasty; the rice served while it hot, the texture was a bit soggy and also the ponzu sauce sink in well into the rice and vegetables (cabbage and carrot). The avocado balance the palate because it blend really well with all of the other ingredients. 

The pickle cucumber and the slice of apple brought a sourness which make the palate fresh. I was so happy when I found coriander leaves inside, that brought more harmony into this poke bowl. The marinated seaweed salad bring a salty flavour and umami in the palate. In the other hand, the tuna was awesome. It cooked medium and the texture still soft with a touch of sesame crushed for its cover. The portion is really worth it for $18.9. Overall, the dish was amazing and I'm still in love with this poke bowl. 

I chose a bottle of coconut water to get rid the strong flavours. The coconut water was not too sweet which is good because they didn't use any artificial sugar. My partner chose orange juice for the drinks and I think orange juice is a better choice to accompany the poke bowl. It can refresh your palate and make you more energizes. 

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