Pane e Pizzico (Invited)

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Pane e Pizzico is quite hidden but it's a lovely Italian artisan bakery that has a bright space with semi modern decoration. The staff are super friendly not just with us but also with all of the customer and they are very Italian. Warm with a family business vibe.

We also love their coffee. I got a mocha which is amazing. It's creamy and the measurement of the chocolate is strong yet the coffee still stands out. We also recommended to try Mole- Cola. It's an Italian version of Coca- Cola but less sweet and less soda. The soda's texture is smoother than the actual Coca- Cola. It is a perfect drink for the savoury dish and perfect to clean your palate 

First, we went for Nutella Bambaloni similar to nutella doughnut. The dough is different than a regular doughnut. Texture wise, they are dense, heavy and the nutella is exquisite. Even though the nutella is the main star, the overall taste was not as sweet as we imagine. 

Next we moved to the savoury dish. We got a sandwich with salami and the basil leaf inside. The salute bread is freshly made and has a rich taste with a strong spices on the top. They put a generous amount of salami but for me personally it is too salty. 

Back to sweet, since I'm such a sweet tooth. We got a plate of choco imoli (chocolate roll), mignon (vanilla), and blackberry jam tartlet. This choco imoli is unique especially the outer layer, not too sweet and the filling inside was creamy. Same with the mignon, the filling (vanilla) was creamy but its sweeter covered with sugar. I'm in love with the blackberry jam tartlet, the jam is not too sweet and fresh. The pastry is yummy and crunchy. 

Our last dish is the one and only Colomba - la grande in Melbourne. It is a seasonal dough for easter and christmas. The cake is unique and delicious with raisins inside and almond on the top. The sweetness was precise and it's a perfect combination with slight sourness from the yeast. This cake is even better when you dip it into their balsamic vinegar (perfect for strawberry cake as well) which got an interesting flavour and made the Colomba taste like a new cake with different flavour. 

We were pretty impressed with Pane e Pizzico, especially all of these bread are fresh daily made with various type of savoury and sweet. 
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Pane e Pizzico
7/1142 Mt Alexander Rd
Essendon, VIC 3084
Monday-Friday: 7am-6pm
Saturday: 7am-5pm
Sunday: 7am-4pm