Feastively (Sponsored)

Sunday, April 30, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Feastively is a brand new start up company who believes in bond over food with Melbourne's fastest and easiest cooking kit plus delivered. They focus on easy, healthy, well portioned meal with minimum effort and less clean up afterwards. All of their product only need less than 15 minutes to prepare and one pan.

I was contacted by Jun one of the owner and introduce to Feastively. He introduce it as an answer of entertaining people at home without having to spend all day at the kitchen then massive clean up afterwards. It's an intriguing concept indeed. He decided to drop of 3 meal kits for me to try at home with my family.

Seafood Pasta - rich savoury passata sauce with tender prawn and calamari ($28/2ppl). They send you: de-shelled prawns, calamari rings, chef-cooked passata sauce, cooked pasta (spaghetti), parsley leaves. They argue that their cooking time with meal kit is 10 mins and standard cooking time without the kit is 45 mins.

Chicken Korma ($25/2ppl). Meal kit includes pre-chopped veggies, pre-cut chicken, freshly made korma sauce (no preservatives), naan bread and coconut milk. Standard cooking time: 45 mins and cooking time with meal kit: 15 mins.

Sriracha Fish Tacos ($25/2ppl). Meal kit includes tomato salsa, shredded lettuce, guacamole, fish fillets (seasonal fish), cheese and light sriracha mayonnaise. Standard cooking time: 35 mins and cooking time with meal kit: less than 10 mins.

Overall, I do think cooking with the meal kit is much faster and saves a lot of effort in going to the grocery store, chopping and preparing the ingredients. It's much easier to entertain and present a well decorated dish for people who can't cook or don't have the skills to decorate food. Price wise it's moderately average to cheaper than eating out and the portions is medium to small. All their food is now available to order on their website and delivered within the 10km radius of Melbourne CBD.