Watts Cooking (Invited)

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 Sharon Halim 2 Comments

Watts Cooking has been around for 18 years for brunch in the lovely suburb of Surrey Hills and now they're opening for dinner. They are under a new management recently. The chef has Caribbean influence and  gave us a lovely talk on how the restaurant's working with local Victorian producers and farmers as we had our dinner. He also said that the restaurant will go through a rebranding so check the space out if you're nearby! 

The restaurant it self equip with dim lighting, pretty spacious area, open bar, brick walls, white table clothing for elegance yet still have that rustic charms.

We started with a set Entrees: Duck breast, Tostadas with calamari and chorizo, Kebab and Croquette.
Duck beautifully cooked, slightly crisp on the outside, moist on the inside with a lovely hit of ginger. The rhubarb was too sour, and its combination with either clove or cinnamon was a little too weird for me.

The tostadas with calamari were my absolute favourite. The crunch of the tostadas, the slight chewiness of the calamari - so good. Everything was well balanced, the calamari was chewy and crisp at the same time without being rubbery. The chorizo and the sauce adds a lot of flavour into the whole dish. With the kebab, the sauce was good but the cubed meats were quite tough. And the croquette was very cheesy, crunchy and gooey. The mint sauce cuts nicely into a dish that could easily be sickening after 3 bites.

Then the mains started; Risotto with lemon thyme, carrots and pepitas, Goat's Risotto (not on the menu), Spanner crab & lobster ravioli and Pork with apple cider reduction and baby turnips.
This risotto was a match made in texture-flavour heaven. The softness of the just-cooked risotto, the unique tang emerging from the lemon thyme, the crunch of the pepitas just broke through the slug that could come from risotto on its own. Unique tastes, perfect textures. The Goat risotto was cooked al dente. The tomato sauce was very good and the slight chunks of goat didn't really taste of goat, tasted more of beef. Loved this. Ravioli pasta's slightly overcooked and was quite tough. The seafood sauce that came with it was pretty good. Pork with apple cider reduction and baby turnips. The pork was perfectly seasoned and cooked. So tender. The slightly bitter baby turnips and the sweet potato hummus went with it complimented the whole dish.

Ended with an army of desserts; Lemon shortbread, Red wine poached pears with lavender mascarpone and Profiteroles. Loved this dessert the most. The pieces of lemon cake was just so soft and airy, and the  ginger crumble that came with it gave a lovely crunch. The lemon curd below the curd had just the right amount of tartness to cleanse my palate after a large dinner. Contrary to the poached pear, this wasn't a dish that really suited me but everyone else at the table loved it. The figs were juicy and tender, but there were hints of cinnamon and clove that was just slightly out there for my tongue. I wasn't a fan of lavender so surprise surprise, I didn't enjoy the mascarpone either. But again, everyone in the table raved for it - so if you're into lavender, go for this dessert! Didn't find the profiteroles particularly special but it tasted good enough. The profiteroles were crisp, and the filling inside was very creamy and milky.

Overall, staff was nice. The chef came out few times to talk about the dish. He was nice. It was an event full of abundant food and I really enjoyed it. I think it's a good start for them.

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Watts Cooking
147 Union Rd
Surrey Hills, VIC 3127


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