Twisted Yoghurt (Sponsored)

Sunday, March 05, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Twisted Yoghurt is an all natural, 98% fat free, gluten free yoghurt and contains live active cultures for balanced inner health. They pride them self in only using real and authentic ingredients, also 100% locally owned and proudly Australian.. A mother of three started Twisted Yoghurt in 2010, together with a team of food technologist, cass spies and a whole team behind Twisted Yoghurt, finally begin it's journey then quickly spread through out Australia. Now it's available in NSW, ACT, QLD, SA and WA now in VIC.

I was approach by them to have a taste of their yoghurt, since I really love frozen yoghurt I gladly accept then on a fine Friday, they delivered it right to my front door. To my surprise they delivered four whole tub to me; Original Tart, Creamy Coconut, Murray River Salted Caramel & Chocolate and Classic Vanilla Bean & Strawberries. My personal favourite was the original tart then quickly followed by strawberries and coconut. They are all so light, fresh and not too sweet. The Salted Caramel and Chocolate was the least of my favourite not because they are not tasty but because I prefer lighter and fresher taste to my yoghurt but my brother loves it since the more dominant flavour is the chocolate rather than caramel.

I honestly in love and addicted to Twisted Yoghurt. I'm fully converted in buying a tub of frozen yoghurt rather than buying it on some stand in the mall. Yes, is that good at least to me. I would love to try their Wildberries and Passionfruit & Original Tart. They are available in Woolworths starting the 1st of March.

Twisted Yoghurt