Sweet Mickie

Sunday, March 12, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Sweet Mickie is founded by a cookie called Mickie who was allergic to Kale and Quinoa in Melbourne, Australia. She loves sugar and decided to take her third generation cookie family recipe,  added her own innovation and humour. Her words are catchy and attracts many people instantly. Now, her treats can be found in various leading cafes, retail stores, hotel and also online on her website.

I was looking for something special for my hubby since we always celebrate valentine's day and I pride my self to always up my game each year. Which mean I never gave him the same thing twice. Then sweet mickie comes into mine, luckily their valentine's special still available.  

All of their cookies is a soft cinnamon and ginger cookie with vanilla icing and my husband loves it. The cookies was simple in flavour and decorations. Just simple icing but with punching words same with the flavour, simple traditional flavour but warm in your stomach.

Sweet Mickie also open for custom cookies for private and corporate orders for special pricing. On daily basis, they also sell various cookies on their website for $5/pcs. I do think they price is a lil bit high but it compensate for the hand craftsmanship.

Sweet Mickie