Spring & Summer (Invited)

Tuesday, March 28, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Spring & Summer it's a Japanese, Korean and Thailand fusion restaurant. The restaurant has been in Melbourne for 6 months. Owned by Thailand couples but her partner who is passionate in Japanese cooking. They decided to mixed both flavour and opened Spring & Summer. She is in charge of the front house, as a manager and also a bartender. 

The interior was very cute and chic with the marble table at the bar. It gives the restaurant a comfortable cafe vibe. That's why it's a good place to chill and hang out with your friends. The location at St Kilda strongly support the mood too. The plating of every dishes were so pretty and the portion was very generous as well. They also provide "feed me" service for those who wants to taste all of their signature dishes. Moreover, they're also doing specials on every weekdays to attract the locals. Every Wednesday, they have ramen special for $10. They're still on the progress with other specials too. So, just keep an eye on their Instagram to be updated and they're also doing delivery with foodora if you want the taste of their food at the comfort of your own homes.

First of all, the cocktail was so pretty visually, with cucumber and flower as decoration. It's refreshing because of the strong lime and the foam was a nice finishing touch for our palate. I love the texture of the sake. It's like milk (creamy), not that clear but a bit cloudy visually. It is sweet yet I could taste the alcohol too. The packaging is so cute. I am sure that a lot of ladies will love this sake.

King Fish Sashimi - green nam jim, coconut cream ($18). The cutting of the sashimi is perfect. It felt so soft in your mouth and the sauce, which actually taste like green curry, is doing a good job in eliminating the fishy smell. This dish is a must to try when you visit this restaurant.

BBQ Corn - gochujang, ashgrove smoked cheddar cheese ($8). It's not the typical corn that you would expect. They put some gojuchang (korean paste), cheese on top and it's as good as the picture! But remember, if you order this, it means that you're ready to get your hands dirty! 

Oyster (coffinbay) - yuzu, salmon roe, crispy leek, chervil ($5). The garnish on top of the oyster was so good. Trust me guys! Dont throw the "straw-thingy" on top of the oyster. It's not just for a decoration purposes. It actually tastes so good. However, the oyster is a bit fishy. They should have put lemon on the side for us. 

Tempura Soft Shell Crab - coconut curry sauce ($22). Again, the presentation wowed me. You could find the curry on the bottom of the crab. The soft shell itself is so crispy that you could hear the "crack" sound when you eat it and surprisingly it's not oily at all. The meat is so soft and not fishy at all.

Baby Pork Ribs - hot sauce, daikon and onion pickle ($22). The meat is tender. However, I don't really like the sauce. It's spicy yet sweet which is good but I could taste the burn as well. 

Crispy Seafood Pancake ($19). I think the sauce would be a bit spicy for those who can't eat spicy food. However, for me, it's a perfect sauce for this pancake. The seafood portion inside is so generous. The crispiness could be heard when you cut through this pancake. The dough is not too thick as well. It's a good start before munching in to the main course.

Spicy Japanese Potato Salad ($7). It actually goes well with the baby back ribs as recommended. The sauce is good and sweet as well to compliment the spiciness of the ribs.

Their dessert is seasonal and not written in the menu. So you could just ask them the dessert of the day.
Our dessert was mango ice cream with black sticky rice and miso sauce on the bottom. It's plated with berries and other fresh fruits. I could taste everything in this dessert, the sweetness from the black sticky rice, saltiness from the miso sauce and sourness from the mango ice cream. It's a good way to close our dining experience.

The service is very friendly and it is nice to talk to the owner while she's making our cocktail. We love our experience at Spring & Summer and would love to come back.

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Spring & Summer
192 Barkly St
St Kilda, VIC 3182
Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Sunday: 5.30pm-11pm