Queen of The South (Invited)

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Queen of The South Head Chef Malcolm Williams develop a ranges of modern Mexican menu from delicious bite sized appetisers to larger sharing plates. The restaurant located on High Street cater up to 100 people sit down dining and up to 195 standing cocktail party

I was invited by Zilla & Brook Marketing Company to dine in on their official preview of modern take of Mexican flavour at Queen of The South. The restaurant it self was spacious, a lot of space even though there were lot's of people. There are various seating options such as the bar, sofa and dining table.

The dinner started with Vasito de Elotes - street corn cup with chipotle mayo and quesco fresco and Nopales Tostadita - pickled cactus salad with peanut de arbol salsa, quesco fresco and pequin. The corn cup it's enjoyable but a bit spicy. Cactus becomes more and more popular in Melbourne and somehow it taste like bitter melon with an interesting texture resembles string beans, soggy with a bit of crunch. The peanut salsa had a lovely cumin taste but it's very spicy and sour for my liking.

Oceano Trucha - tromba blanco and ancho cured ocean trout with corn puree, avocado creama and soused fennel. Thee trout's cured with tequila but honestly it taste pretty average but the fennel salad was refreshing.

Chuleta de Cordero - lamb cutlets, pasila glaze and sweet corn with a spring onion and radish salsa. This was one of the favourite dish of the night even though lamb is usually pretty risky for me since I don't like the gummy flavour and smell. The lamb course somehow taste like the older mature brother of the youthful cup of corn. It has everything that's good from the adventurous younger brother. The sweetness of corn, bold savouriness, the perfect brown colour. But it has a whole new level of taste, just like the one you would expect from an aged sage who has discovered the mysteries of the universe.

Pollo Pibil - anchiote marinated chicken, pineapple, lime salsa and micro slaw. Sadly, the chicken didn't have much flavour even though it's supposedly marinated but the pineapple lime salsa was fresh and it awakens my palate.

The courses progressed like a detective story. Each of the appetizer was a subtle clue to the main dish. If the corn cup lead to the lam cutlet then the cactus salad lead to Cordero Barbacoa - slow braised lamb shoulder, cucumber pomegranate salad and salsa matcha. Surprising combination of sides, initially thought that this would be an odd combination but everything went pretty well together. The salad was zesty enough to break through the richness of the sauce and the lamb .This dish is like the climax of a Tony award musical, where all the elements synergies into one unforgettable moment that resonate into eternity. The shredded lamb was the plot that kept me at the edge of my seat. The salad was the props and costume that brought the other elements to life. And just like how musical cannot be a musical without the music, the peanut based sauce gave the dish its identity.

We saw Mole Amarillo - yellow mole with pumpkin, lentils and a coconut and almond salsa and Coliflor Asada - chipotle, paprika marinated char-grilled cauliflower steak with a baby kale, radish and cucumber salad on the tonight's menu but somehow we did not get them, or we miss them? We did not get a chance to look at other tables whether they received it or not but we were very full anyway so we did not inform the staff. So we went straight to dessert; Pina Y Clavo de Olor - upside down pineapple pudding with pineapple sorbet, ruby grapefruit and clove meringue. Cake was slightly crunchy on the outside but moist on the inside. Tastes pretty standard, not too sweet. The clove meringue was an interesting pairing, it complimented the cake. Our table's consensus for the sorbet though? Just strangely weird. Not sure whether it was the sorbet's lack of sourness to balance the sweetness or the overall texture.

Espuma de Luna - Mesican mole mousse with pistachio praline and Pedro Ximenez cream. Oh I love this! The chocolate mousse is smooth, the cream is creamy, the crunchy pistachio praline complemented the smooth texture of the other two components. My second favourite dish!

Guayaba Y Duranzo - tromba blanco poached peaches with guava sorbet, hazelnut and pepita crumble. Best desert out of the selection in my opinion. It was the last course served, what a relief. The tequila-marinated peaches were still warm and it still retained a bit of acidity which I loved. The hazelnut praline was alright, the guava sorbet didn't actually taste like guava in my opinion - just watered down generic juice. But the peaches, wow and I love the crumble.

I was thinking about calling the cop to report the torture the Queen of the South is performing on us: force feeding is inhumane. The portions were so generous, they were obscene. The food were so good, who can stop themselves? I won’t be surprised if there are assassins waiting to harvest our liver foie gras at the end of the dinner. Seriously, suffering from Gastronomic Myopia: Making a bad gastronomic decision due to short sightedness caused by food that are to good to be true. Example: I force fed myself a second helping of lamb shoulder taco because that taco gave me a gastronomic myopia. My stomach was at bursting point when the dessert arrived, but the dessert turned me into a masochist and I finished them all. Thanks Queen of the South for an awesome night.

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Queen of The South
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