Momo Dumpling Plus Tea (Invited)

Thursday, March 09, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Momo Dumpling Plus Tea is located in the alley along the famous corner of Chapel st and High St, Prahran. The restaurant is pretty easy to reach by public transport such as tram and there are plenty of street parkings for private vehicles even though it might be challenging on weekends. Momo Dumpling is opened by the same owner as Cosy and Tasty in Frankston and they offers similar cuisines and styles with a more refine dine in concept.

The interior design was not a typical design you would expect for a dumpling place since it's very bright, modern, clean with semi industrial look with a hint of Japanese design. The restaurant is big, spacious, perfect for a big group of people or functions. There's also open kitchen so we can see the chef's preparing our food from the dining area. We ordered Rose Oolong Blossom ($5.5) and Peach Oolong Ice Tea ($6.6) to start our palate and to match what comes next. Rose Oolong Blossom originated from Renai, Taiwan. It has a hint of rose with a strong oolong taste. Tea is a must especially to balanced oily food, it cleanse your palate as well as your body.

Xia Long Bao ($11.0/6pcs) - traditional steamed mini pork bun. The dumplings served in classic bamboo dim sym style with two big colourful spoon on the side to ensure you won't spill the delicious broth inside the dumplings. I personally loves XLB with chilli oil and worry not the chilli oil at Momo Dumpling taste really good. It seems like a small thing but I truly appreciate a good chilli oil.

Grilled Pork Dumpling ($8.9/6pcs) - steamed options also available. This was one of the best dumplings I have tried in Melbourne and trust me I've tried lots of them. The dumpling was crispy on the outside and the fillings was juicy and I will definitely come back for more.

Szechuan Fish Bowl ($24.9) - classic dish from Szechuan province China, fresh seafood marinated, poached and served on veg bed, mildly spiced broth, perfect with white rice. Szechuan cuisines are famous for the level of spiciness so when it arrived I did not expect it comes in a clear broth rather than red oily broth but somehow you can taste all the classic numbness spiciness from typical Szechuan dish. The soup was pretty light without too much oil which I like. I did not recommend this dish for those of you who can't handle the heat. This dish is recommended to share between 2-3 people cause it comes in a generous portions.

Szechuan HoFen ($17.9) - fat rice noodle, fried beancurd, king oyster mushroom, snow pea, Szechuan chilli sauce. The hofen appearance was very similar to Malaysian's kway teow. The taste and texture was really, the perfect comfort food.

Trio Happiness Ice Cream - home made matcha, coconut and mango ($9.9) and Sticky Brown Rice Pudding in coconut milk ($14.9). I founded it really nice to find real chunks of mango and coconuts inside the ice cream and my clear favourite was the coconut ice cream. The sticky brown rice comes in a very hot bowl and in the plain sight it looks like a regular black sticky rice but inside they used Chinese dates or Jujube and Lotus Seed. A very healthy ingredients known for helping your insomnia and blood deficiency. Taste wise, it was nice too.

Overall, I have a really pleasant visit, full of enjoyable food and won't hesitate to come back and bring more of my friends along with me so I can try more of their dishes.

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Momo Dumpling Plus Tea
9 Clifton St
Prahran, VIC 3181
Monday-Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday-Sunday: 12pm-10pm