Ginger Jones (Invited)

Friday, March 24, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Ginger Jones cafe is situated near the Little India section in Dandenong. It has a chill, casual ambience - it's a pretty good lunch spot if you're nearby. Reachable by train but located very far from Melbourne CBD so maybe private vehicles are more suitable to visit Ginger Jones

I was invited via Instagram by one of the Ginger Jones staff and had to sent one of my team to visit them since I'm on my last days of being pregnant. They take the train from Melbourne CBD and reach the cafe around 2.30pm which was the appointment time. Upon arriving, the staff who arrange the visit was not present on the cafe. Apparently, he is in uni. The staff at the cafe was friendly but seems loss of the arrangement. They rush us to order because the kitchen is close on 3pm and limiting us to only order two dishes and two drinks, it would be nice to be inform about this earlier.

Lovecka - 250g European style Beef patty with graded fetta cheese served with garden salad, chips, grilled bread, Kajmak, Ajvar ($23). I was told it is a Macedonian food. The European style beef patty is very typical, nicely done. But perhaps what was most interesting was the patty's texture. The texture was like a cross between your typical American hamburger patty and an Indonesian bakso, or meatball. The patty also came with a unique capsicum dish that I've never had before. It was a lovely orange colour, and it had a slight acidic hummus taste that went well with the patty once you're tired of eating the patty on its own.The menu says that I'm getting feta cheese, but it was invisible, tasteless and odourless. I cannot even begin to imagine the research required to develop such feta cheese. Very mind boggling or maybe it was mixed into one of the other dressing. The Kajmak looks, feels and taste like sour cream. Except it tastes more tasty then usual. It is good by itself, but I don't see how it compliments the rest of the dish. What's interesting is the Ajvar. It tastes like a very savoury mayo, with the texture you would expect of a mayo drenched coleslaw, but it just taste healthier than what I described.

Chicken Parmigiana - served with garden salad and chips ($19.5). It was nothing too fancy. They were pretty generous with the servings and the parma came with a side of chips and salad. But I'm not sure why I found the parma to have a slightly bitter taste. The parma as a whole was alright, but the napolitan sauce was just lacking in taste. 

We just wish the visit would not be rush and organise properly to maximize the experience. The cafe it self was quite spacey and have a lot of rooms, suitable for big groups. But we would love to experience a lil bit more of Ginger Jones to get to know them a lil bit more properly.

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Ginger Jones
175 Lonsdale St
Dandenong, VIC 3175
Monday-Saturday: 7.30am-4pm
Sunday: Closed