Food Social Global Feast N: Nepal (Invited)

Sunday, March 26, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

At the beginning of the year, I was invited again as the photographer at the very first Food Social’s Global Feast in 2017. This month I got to join the delicious taste of Nepalese food from Aagaman, not long a go I was invited to Aagaman and we had a good time so I was pretty excited to have another visit. Aagaman is located near St Kilda Beach which can be reached either by car or a bus. The place is clean and they have a lot of seats for customer despite of the small space they have. They were also able to make 24 of us seat together in one long table which made us feel that we are in a feast. 

As usual, for the opening, we were served by a glass of champagne and followed by a unique way of toast introduced by PS. The way it is done is that we toast to the person next to us only and we should look at each other eye while toasting. I did it once on my previous Global Feast event and, I believe, it has been a ritual for them since then.

FInally, the entree were coming, we had Momos which is Nepal’s most popular dish, dumpling filled with succulent chicken mince served with golbheda ko achar. We were also being served three other entrees dishes which are Juicy Tapori Tandoori Mushroom, Lucknowi Lamb Tikka and Tawa Prawns. I love the Mushroom.

The unique experience about food social is that every time before we jump into the main dish, we will play a games so we can be closer to each other. The game was to guess the ingredients used for Momos that was just being served. The game might look so simple but everyone seems to enjoy it. Moreover, I saw some familiar faces who have been joining this Global Feast Programs many times and they become so competitive to each other and it makes this journey of culinary much interesting. 

The main dishes were Himalayan Goat curry and Chatpati Macchi which is a fish cooked in thick sauce with onion, tomato and capsicum. The Fish was the highlight of my night. Even though, I was just about to be really full just from the entrees and the dessert, having really good chat with others makes time flies and I was ready for the dessert. 

One of the dessert was Dark Chocolate Samosa, which actually Samosa is  a Indian Pastry commonly used for savoury food, however, Aagaman successfully transform it into a delicious dessert. To end the night, the owner, Ram came out and gave a demonstration on how to make Momos while revealing the ingredients at the same time. 

Overall, it was another great experience to meet again some familiar faces through this event and the dishes was phenomenal, i can’t wait for the next Global Feasts this year.

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Aagaman Indian Nepalese Restaurant
271 Bay St
Port Melbourne, VIC 3207