Flower Drum

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Flower Drum is known as a famous beauty and elegant traditional dance in China. In Melbourne, we known that as a name of a famous and one of the oldest Chinese restaurant, well known for fine dining cantonese cuisines. Founded by Gilbert Lau in 1975 they just celebrated their 40 years old achievement last year. They served banquet as well as ala carte and unlike some fine dining restaurant, they are family friendly even with kids.

I was pregnant during my 4th wedding anniversary with my husband so I have pretty much limited choices on fine dining food so we decided to finally try the famous Flower Drum. The front door of the restaurant located in Market Lane, China town. The red door screams prestige and tradition, the restaurant it self located on the second floor. Opulent spacey dining space awaits, decorated with red, gold and dark brown, full of vase centrepieces, flowers, screams Chinese elegance.Most items on the menu are priced per piece or per serve so we started with Jellyfish - marinated jellyfish with sesame dressing ($6/pp). Jellyfish is one of my favourite Chinese appetisers and as expected they are cold, lightly seasoned and fresh.

Pearl Meat - paspaley pearl meat sauteed with spring onion, garlic chives and asparagus ($27/pp). The pearl meat which is the adductor muscle of the pearl oyster was beautiful, presented on the original shell. The texture was chewy, meaty, mild in flavour comes in two dipping sauce; oyster and shrimp but do not dip it in both.

"Glacier 51" Patagonian toothfish fillet ($230/kg). This was my first time tasting the famous toothfish and it was very pleasant. The fish has a light crisp on the outside and delicate flesh, perfectly cooked and seasoned. At the very end, there was a fishy taste but that's just a minor letdown compared to how delicious the fish taste.

Peking Duck - roast duck, wrapped in pancake with cucumber, spring onion and plum sauce ($20/2pcs). This is one of the famous and popular dish at Flower Drum. Freshly made pancake and prepared right in front of you but somehow I'm a bit disappointed. It does not taste as good as I thought it would be, I would like the skin to be crispier and the meat to be more tender. I do love the duck paintings on the plate, they are adorable.

My husband was disappointed with this dish; Crispy Skinned Chicken - fried chicken served with lemon juice and spicy salt ($25/half). He thought it would be much more extravagant but turns out the meat was pretty plain even though the skin was very crispy.

Black Angus Eye Fillet - rangers valley eye fillet beef with choice of sauce and seasonal vegetables ($60/2pcs). This was the star of the night, the portions was very generous and the slices of meat just simply melts in your mouth. Even though I prefer the sauce to have stronger flavour, it's a bit blend for me.

We were full so we decided to skipped dessert then we were presented with this short, thin, buttery Almond Cookies. I love it so much, crunchy, warm in your mouth and stomach. To our surprise we were presented by this festive and artsy plate. We were so happy and they put so much effort in celebrating people's special occasion much more than any other fine dining restaurant I have visited. I highly appreciate it. They put happy anniversary on the plate, with a pacifier since I'm pregnant and fresh sculpture swan apple.

Overall, what impressed me the most was their top notch service. The best service I have ever received in Melbourne and no, I'm not exaggerating. From the beginning to end, they offer personal touches such as back pillow for me since I'm pregnant, dishes for kids, nice chit chat but not intrusive and the atmosphere feels like family. Flower Drum focus on ingredients much more than decorating it with fancy sauce or modern techniques, it's a breath of fresh air. I would love to come back next time.

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Flower Drum
17 Market Ln
Melbourne, VIC 3000
Monday-Saturday: 12pm-3pm & 6pm-11pm
Sunday: 12pm-3pm & 6pm-10.30pm