Dosa Hut Tarneit (Invited)

Saturday, March 25, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Dosa Hut is a family franchise business started in 2006. I have been invited to their Melbourne CBD branch end of last year and it was fantastic. So when Parul from Dosa Hut Tarneit contacted me for an invite, I was thrill to visit them. Dosa Hut Tarneit generally a successful business, on normal days they could sell 200 – 300 biriyani rice and around 800 biriyani rice

The restaurant it self it's an L shaped restaurant with 2 entrances. One entrance is from the inside of the shopping centre, the other one is from the parking place. The place is quite big. Not so fancy but its still a good place to have a really good meal. All their waitress were taught how to recommend for their Indian customers. There are some differences between the food that originated from South part of India and the North part (The preference. Like boneless chicken or etc). On Saturday, they will remove some tables and have a live band. How cool was it? 

Dahi Papdi ($7.95). A very Indian snack. It’s a crisp fried dough wafers (similar to crackers) topped with yoghurt and other spices. This dish is awesome! It gives you a very refreshing taste. Couldn’t get enough of it. This is a cold dish that usually eaten in South part of India. The North part eat the warm version of it. This dish has some fresh chopped onion but believe me, it wont make you cry! 

Idly ($4.95). Indian savour cake eaten with dips (for the traditional one). Served with 3 dips, samba, lentil, and yogurt. I like to eat it with samba dips. Not my favourite but its okay. 

Chicken 65 ($11.95). Boneless chicken. The North part of India prefer the boneless one. Despite of which part of India this dish came from, Dosa Hut makes it rock! Super delicious with tangy taste. Its not really spicy even thou the manager told us it will be spicy. 

Hyderabadi Goat Dum Biryani ($12.95). This is more spicy than the Chicken 65. But it taste good. I like the biryani ! The portion is also HUGE!! Tips for eating : pour the Biryani onto the big round plate and eat.

Chef’s Special Dosa ($13.95). It’s a crepe with 4 toppings/ fillings. Chicken, Lamb, Potato, Cheese served with dips as well. Awesome! Loving this dish especially the potato filling part ! And its considered quite big. Luckily we didn’t order the 70mm dosa cause the normal dosa alone is already massive (because we ordered other stuff as well).

Mango Lasi is always a must to try at any Indian restaurant but this version is definitely a must. Don’t forget to try this drink out!! OMG, its literally mango pudding turned into a drink. Awesome!!

The experience at Dosa Hut Tarneit was FANTASTIC! Never been to India so I couldn’t say that these food are authentic etc. But surely its really delicious! Furthermore its considered a great value, really great value. I will definitely bring my cousin to try it out! Lovin it! And on top of that the service was 
very attentive and polite.

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Dosa Hut Tarneit
Wyndham Village Shopping Centre
380 Sayers Rd
Tarneitt, VIC 3029
Monday-Sunday: 11am-10.30pm