Couture Bakes

Sunday, March 19, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Couture Bakes is a dessert studio based in Melbourne. They pride them self in specialising in anything sweet with presenting the best taste as well as presentations. Couture Bakes menu includes; Baked Donuts, Brownies, Cakes, Cupcakes, Dessert Box, Dessert Jars, Sweet Treats and any customised cakes and orders.

I have been wanting to order from Couture Bakes for a while, I'm just waiting for the right ocassion. Recently, I ordered the Valentine Specials: 6 dessert jar - passionfruit panna cotta, tiramisu, strawberry shortcake ($33) and 2 assorted brownie boxes - cookie dough and nutella cheesecake ($25) plus GST ($5.8) for my fourth anniversary with my husband. My first thought was I thought the brownie was square, I thought it's going to be heart shape like the picture but both of them they taste delicious. My household could not stop eating it. In terms of the dessert jar, the tiramisu was a touch too sweet for me but the strawberry shortcake was fresh, the cake was moist and fluffy. The star was the panna cotta, it was super creamy but not over whelming, perfect sweetness, I would love to order this regularly.

There are plenty of problems starting with the dessert jar promo stated to in Instagram was $30 for 6 jar, I did message them about it and Marianne the owner personally replied to my messages. She apologies there are plenty of error with the website and with the Valentine's coming up she's really hectic. I truly understand but there was no compensation. The next problem was there was a problem with one of the flavour that's not available but that was a small problem and I don't mind it at all, Marianne also allowed me to pick 3 flavour instead of 2 for the dessert jar package. The last problem was the delivery, it was suppose to be scheduled on a Friday but the courier was all booked out but Marianne her self delivered it to my door two days earlier. I highly appreciated her dedication to her business, she clearly extremely passionate about her business and give it her all.

Couture Bakes