Chez Mademoiselle (Invited)

Monday, March 27, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Chez Mademoiselle is a French based cafΓ© where you can reach by walking distance from Prahran Station. Actually the cafΓ© is not big; it is small but cozy yet very intimate space which perfect for chill with your beloved and also perfect for me time. Judging from the decoration, they put a lot of details in each corner even their toilet and the cafΓ© divided into three section.

First area is outdoor the cafΓ©. Second area is indoor from the entrance door until the bar that has an elegant theme with white dominant colour. In this area, a single chair is also provided.The third one is indoor behind the bar which create a girly atmosphere with warm white light and pastel motive wallpaper. 

The first time we entered the cafΓ©, we offered an orange juice mixed with champagne to refresh our palate. It was fresh, a little bit sour came from the orange juice and sharpness from the champagne. 
As this event involved many bloggers, they served us a canapΓ©s which got a different size with the actual food. 

First, we got a plate of soes cake, pork toast, and salmon cream cheese toast.The soes pastry served while it warm with half melted cheese inside as its filling. The outside part of the soes is semi-crunchy and the dough is well baked, not overcooked. The pork toast was good but not my favorite, the bread is quite tough yet not crunchy. The pork toast got a pistachio and tomato which balanced the flavor. Last dish on this palate was salmon cream cheese toast, the bread is crunchy and the cream cheese didn’t stand out which is a good point to balance the salmon that has a salty flavor. 

Our second plate was a salty main food of truffle ham & cheese toast and ham & cheese croissant, they served it while it warm. Those are my favorite and definitely will come back for them. Unfortunately the toast and the croissant didn’t have different filling, both are ham & cheese. Which make them different is their additional. The truffle ham & cheese got a juicy toast and melted cheese with delicious truffle oil that make it special and a touch of herbs on the top which created an umami in the palate. The croissant is great because of the perfect baked of the dough, it is soft inside and crunchy outside and perfect with melted cheese and ham. 

Next plate are vanilla custard with fruits, chocolate mousse with orange marmalade, and lemon tart with Italian meringue. The vanilla custard is perfect, it is not too sweet and the outside part of the custard is not tough. Balanced with the fruits which are kiwi, blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry, and a slight of icing sugar on the top. The tart is too sour for me, even though they balance it with Italian meringue, the lemon flavor is way too strong, but is awesome to make our palate fresh again. The mousse is good, they made the chocolate is not too sweet and the quality of the mousse also great, the thickness is appropriate and accompany with orange marmalade on the top.

Last dish that we got were many flavors of macaroons and chocolate tart with chocolate cream. I tried pistachio, dark chocolate, and peanut butter flavors. The macaroons are great, the shells are not easily cracked also got an exact consistency, and they put a perfect amount of cream inside it. It is not just sweet taste in the palate but also the flavors are standing out. The chocolate tart is a little bit too sweet for me because of the chocolate cream and slight brown sugar on the top.

At the end of our journey, they gave us a lovely goodie bag which has many stuff inside such as coupon, butter, and many more.The staff  through out the event were very polite and friendly, they make sure all of the food and drinks served well to the customer. I would love to come back and bring my girl friends along.

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Chez Mademoiselle
123A Greville St
Prahran, VIC 3181