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Tuesday, February 28, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Uncle original locations is at St Kilda but recently they opened another location in our very own Melbourne CBD, at Collins St to be precise with the same deliciousness, quality and authenticity. Reservation is recommended on both venue for large group of people or if you prefer take away there are available at St Kilda.

Somehow in the very same night, there were three launching party and I can't divide my self to three so I have to let go some and give it to my representative so they could have fun too. This is based on two of my super helpful girlie friends. The place it self was bigger than expected, they have a few big tables convenient for a big group of people and it was a surprise to enter the building cause outside it has the cool sophisticated vibe but inside the theme of the restaurant was more garden beach casual style.

All the food in this event is a cocktail size and not the original size when you ordered them on the restaurant. We started with Mekong Spice and See You Goodbye Cocktail. Mekong spice was the clear winner, it has a jalapenos taste for spiciness but mixed with coconut foam transforming into a delicious unique cocktail. See You Goodbye contains a fish sauce in it and a strong one, honestly one of my rep dislike it but the other one loves it so I guess it's preferences.

Lime Cured Hapuka - coconut, pomegranate & chilli on betel leaf ($6ea). This dish taste is quite similar to Indonesian food called "urap-urap". The texture was so similar with octopus but then I realise it's actually a fish with dominant coconut flavour that overwhelms all.

Raw Kingfish - longan, sesame, wasabi peas, soy with coconut and tamarind foam ($16). Somehow the mixture of the ingredients taste like yuzu but apparently there are none yuzu on the dish but it wash fresh and light dish.

Soy & Ginger Marinated Silken Tofu - green mango, snaked beans, scud chilli, fragrant herbs, phan thiet candied anchovies ($16). The silken tofu was very soft however the anchovies was quite salty which dominates everything.

Burrata, heirloom tomatoes, pickled papaya, Thai basil, puffed wild rice and barrel aged fish sauce ($19.5). The top bit looks like small worms, don't get me wrong I eat exotic foods but they are actually puffed wild rice. This dish is the start of the night according to my rep cause the burrata (mozzarella abd cream) was delicious and taste like brie cheese.

Tofu Banh Mi -pickles and peanuts ($6.5ea). Apparently this dish was quite average just taste like tofu and peanut inside of banh mi. A touch too salty since they added oyster sauce in it.

Braided Beef Short Rib bao - morcilla (blood sausage), flavours of bun bo hue ($15). Even though this dish does not look appetising but the beef was super tender and the sauce resembles the taste of Indonesian food called "sop buntut".

Grilled Sher Wagyu Brisket - tumeric green bean fritters, cafe de Paris butter ($35). Somehow many of Uncle dish had a simiar taste to an Indonesian food and this one resembles "babi kecap" and "rempeyek" The whole combinations taste delicious, love the butter and tender beef. Even though they said the inspiration is Vietnamese flavour, I found it's more Indonesian palate. 

Even though this was a launching party, the waiters was very attentive. They are ready to help you whenever they are around and keep asking us through the night whether we need anything.

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15 Collins St
Melbourne, VIC 3000
Monday-Saturday: 12pm-11pm
Sunday: Closed