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Friday, February 17, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

St Rose was founded by Domenic and Diana Caruso, a husband and wife who dream of a small cafe close to home. That's one of the reason they sold their Richmond venture, Espresso 3121 and then St Rose was born.

I rarely venture out to Essendon especially for the first five years I'm in Melbourne, the only time is when I'm going to Melbourne airport or come back from my holiday. But in recent years things has change, I went to Essendon once in a while to try out popular trending new food. This time I was going to Melbourne Airport for a trip back to Jakarta, Indonesia with my mom and brother, we decided to stop by for a proper food before our flights. It was on a Sunday morning and we had to wait around 30 minutes for a table of four. The cafe it self was petit but warm complimented with wooden furnitures, greeneries and white walls.

First thing first, drinks is a must; Snickers Thick Shakes ($7.5), Vitamin - orange, carrot, ginger ($7) and Orange Juice ($6). Sadly, I meant to order Maximise - apple, orange, lemon and mint but somehow she missed heard me and bring me an orange juice instead. She wasn't apologetic and kinda insisted that I ordered and orange juice since I'm not in a mood for an argument, I just accepted the orange juice. The snickers was very sweet and thick maybe better to share.

They have Doughboys Doughnuts Boston Creme and I love it, the creme was rich, flavourful with sweet vanilla creme without being too sweet. I could eat this any day.

Chilli Scrambled - charred chorizo, Persian feta, fresh chilli, dill ($16). The egg was well cooked but the flavour was a bit plain for my taste, maybe a little more chilli will amped up the flavour but the chorizo was nice.

Baked Chilli Eggs - peperonata sauce, Persian feta, spiced dukkah, fresh chilli, toast ($17). The taste of the sauce was peppery and comes in an generous portions but it swallowed up the baked eggs. Dukkah gave a nice crunch to the dish with creamy feta combined and chorizo it evolves into a nice dish.

Brekkie Burger - fried free range egg, cheddar, spinach, bacon, hollandaise on a brioche bun with hash brown ($14). The burger was average, nothing really special about it. Just a nice classic brekkie burger but I love the hash brown, crunchy not oily but tasty.

Mac and Cheese Brioche - maple candied bacon, sloppy joes, pressed mac and cheese, pickled beetroot, charred corn aioli, brioche bun ($16). This was the highlight of the meal and the dish that makes me want to come back. The creamy cheese mac and cheese contrast with sweet salty bacon was delicious, topped with charred flavour from the corn and sweet bun. Yum!

The overall portions of the dishes was generous with reasonable price, that I appreciate. Even though there are a couple things needed to be improve such as the service and the waiting time for the food. I have to wait another 40 minutes for any food to show up on our table. 

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St Rose
19 Rose St
Essendon, VIC 3040
Monday-Friday: 7am-4.30pm
Saturday-Sunday: 8am-3pm