Only Mine (Sponsored)

Tuesday, February 14, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Only Mine is a Melbourne based handmade chocolates online store founded by Jason Stockton and Anya Tran. They pride them self in using the best ingredients to produce the best flavour for each customers. Lacking in experience of making chocolate, both of them spent months developing their first chocolate flavours then finally sold it in January 2016. Every mistakes contribute to their new knowledge and skill in making the journey to be the best hand crafted chocolate in Australia.

I was approach by Anya to taste their chocolate and hey who would reject chocolate? Certainly not me. Only Mine deliver Australia wide for $10 flat rate and free shipping for any purchase above $50. They also only ship their goods on Monday-Wednesday to avoid the product being stuck over the weekends. All products ordered on warmer seasons will be sent with cooler packs. They also have several stockist all over Australia listed on their website and their flavour changed over time to satisfy your palate.

They have two packagings; the first packaging is Chocolate Bars ($7ea). I ordered Milk Dried Apricot & Coconut, Dark Honey Roasted Macadamia and Dark Chilli Cashew.

The second packaging is Mixed Chocolate Box of 5 ($11), 10 ($20) and 15 ($30). They have much more flavour to offer in this options, they have some classic flavours, limited editions and some new flavours even gone within short length of time. I got Milk Chai, Milk Clover Honey, Milk Cookies & Cream, Milk Dried Apple & Cinnamon, Milk French Vanilla & Liquorice, Milk Peanut Butter, White Coconut & Almond, White Matcha, Dark French Vanilla, Dark Himalayan Salted Caramel, Dark Himalayan Salted Lime, Dark Passionfruit, Dark Strawberry Caramel & Cream.

I missed on a couple of flavours I would like to try next time such as White Dried Blueberry & Pistachio, Milk Gingerbread, Dark Lemon & Peppermint, Dark Spiced Pumpkin and what I wanted the most is Dark Porter St Coffee. Jason and Anya personally guaranteed every pieces of their chocolate has to meet the highest standard otherwise it won't be delivered to any customer. Gift notes also available for special occasions such as birthday, anniversary, valentines and many more. They also open for wholesale, perfect for weddings, cocktails or office functions.

Only Mine