Milkcow (Invited)

Thursday, February 09, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Milkcow originally comes from South Korea and has been the fastest growing ice cream chain in Asia with lot's of endorsement from South Korean celebrities. Milkcow is an 100% organic soft serve ice cream, it focus on milkier and creamier taste than traditional soft serve. They are also well known for their extraordinary toppings such as jelly beans, fairy floss and more.

I was invited to their influencer launching night of their brand new permanent store, last year they opened a pop up store and gain lot's of attentions from the local. It is suiting that they finally open up their permanent store at Swanston St taking over Cacao Green space. On the invitation I was given the wrong address that's located further on Swanston St near Collins St, I spent 30 minutes trying to find the store then decided to go to the address written on their Instagram and there it is. I went to the marketing staff and voice my disappointment and apparently there were a lot of other people that experienced my problem. The marketing just found out about their wrong address that very same day so they figure there was nothing they can do. I do think an urgent email blast or Insta message would be nice.

I ordered their signature Milk Cube - 100% organic honey swirl topped with signature honeycomb wedge ($7) & their most popular menu so far according to the staff Santorini - ore crumbs, pistachio, hazelnuts, Italian tropical syrup, topped with fairy floss umbrella ($8). I have tried Milkcow in other countries before and I do think the milk cube is one of my fav flavour, chunk of honeycomb mixed in with creamy milk soft served, simple but simply good. I don't really like Santorini combination flavour, I do think it's a little bit sour and odd for me.

There were some other flavours that were pretty popular that night such as; Snow drop - jelly beans, fairy floss cloud, sprinkle fleur del sel artisan sea salt ($7), Caramel Pop - double glazed creamy caramel pop corn with Italian caramel syrup ($7), Green Light - toasted almond, flakes with Italian mint syrup with extra fairy floss ($6.5), Milk-A-Ron - French macaron with toasted organic coconut chips with extra fairy floss ($7.5), Creme de la Cookie with extra fairy floss and Waffles with ice cream and chocolate syrup ($9).

The service was friendly and relatively fast even though they only have limited staff on that day and remain open for public as well. Milkcow is fun, young, innovative, vibrant and creative but I do think the price is a lil bit on the high side. At the very end we were given voucher to bring our friend for a taste, that was a nice touch.

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287 Swanston St
Melbourne, VIC 3000
Monday-Sunday: 1pm-late