Cider & Pork Festival (Invited)

Sunday, February 05, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Cider & Pork Festival held at Flemington Racecourse last 21st & 22nd January, it run all day long 11am-10pm. The general ticket $30, Evening ticket $20 includes entry, entertainment and free large cider/beer, pretty good deal according to me. The VIP tickets includes VIP tent, VIP toilets, 2 large drink tokens, 1 tasting card (10 small cider) for $100. The tasting ticket can be bought separately for $20.

I was invited by the organizer to attend the festival with a VIP badge as well as prior to the event I was given a chance to organise a massive giveaway for my followers to win general passes ticket to the festival. There was live music playing all day long as well as a little bit of playground for the kids to play which I think was a nice touch.

There are 17 Australian and International Cider producers exhibiting at the festival, that were 17 different type's of cider floating around. The most common cider of course apple but there were pear, cherry, mango and other innovative cider that I appreciate.

Regarding Food there were plenty as well, starting from a well known restaurant such as Royal Mail Hotel to BBQ specialist such as Blue Bonnet and Meat Maiden to food truck, sauces and nitrogen ice cream to accompany your cider.

The vibe of the festival were chill and nice for the youngster, family or even couples. I definitely enjoyed it so much even though I think the price for the VIP ticket was too high but the combination of pork and cider just worked together perfectly. I hope next year they have more pork varieties such as pork bao, pork skin and crackle.

Cider & Pork Festival
448 Epsom Rd
Flemington, VIC 3031