Cafe Marcella (Invited)

Thursday, February 02, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Cafe Marcella is an Italian restaurant with a complete choices of pizza, pasta, entrees, main, dessert, lunch menu and now finally breakfast. They are located in Sydney road in Brunswick just a short walk from Jewell station, also reachable by tram and private vehicles as they are many street parking around the restaurant.

I was invited to taste their brand new breakfast menu. We started with Chai Latte and Latte, honestly both of them were good. The space was spacious, decorated with classic wooden furnitures perfect for large group of people, functions and family with kids. I came in on a Sunday afternoon and did not expect to meet the owner but he's there. He is a friendly guy, spent quite some time with us talking about his food and Melbourne taste. He clearly want to grow even more and improve his cooking.

My husband opted for Spanish Omelette - oven baked omelette served with aioli on toast ($17) since it was one of the breakfast dish that's the Chef recommended. The presentation was simple, a little bit look like Japanese okonomiyaki but the flavour was delicious. Perfectly cooked warm egg, balanced seasoning, simple but warm in your stomach.

I my self ordered Brekkie Burger - bacon, fried egg, relish, mozzarella cheese, rosti, rocket and aioli ($14) with extra avocado ($3). The bun was a bit dry for my taste but the bacon was crispy and sweet, love them so much, the cheese was generous as well as the relish and aioili. The rosti added crispiness to the the dish. 

At the end, when we are ready to leave the staff offered us dessert. At first we wanted something light so we ordered their panna cotta but then the Chef recommended his Creme Catalan so we followed his recommendation. Guess what? We finished it within less than 5 minutes, the creme was smooth, creamy and the portion was a lil bit small but enough to keep us satisfied.

The service was really friendly and attentive from the beginning to end. They are officially launching their breakfast menu on the 4th and 5th of February and on that weekend all their profit from breakfast going to go to Maddie's Riewoldt's Vision. An organisation dedicated to fund medical research into finding a cure of bone marrow failure. So if you want to try Cafe Marcella, this weekend is the perfect time!

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Cafe Marcella
246 Sydney Rd
Brunswick, VIC 3056