Tosaria (Revisited-Invited)

Friday, January 20, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Tosaria is a breakfast and lunch place but they also open for functions due to the wide open space of the restaurant.The location of this place is a bit secluded. There is no public transport that allows you to come here. Cars is the only transport you could use to get here even though private parking lot are available. Despite that, there are a lot of customers coming, especially during lunch hour. My guess is that they are the workers from the offices around there.

We started our lunch with some spike Juice. It's a really good drink to have for your brunch. It's a mixed of champagne and juice. It is very refreshing and it has fruity taste. We also ordered some other hot drinks for the rest of our visits.

Zucchini Fritters - poached eggs, mushrooms, dressed rockets and pea tendrils ($15.9). The presentation of this dish is not appetising enough. There are a lot of unnecessary stuff they put on top of the dish. Apart from that, I thought the skin is going to be crispy as the fritters is fried. However, it is soggy. I love the seasoning they put inside the fritters though. The sauce is really nice too. It's sour yet it has a spicy kick at the end and it is mixed with almond pieces. Unexpectedly, the zucchini taste amazing together with the fritters.

Pumpkin Hummus - spiced chickpeas spinach, yoghurt, dukka ($14). The bread was soft and It goes well with the juice that is given. I actually like the pumpkin puree and the sour cream together. It's like a combination of sweet and sour. However, the portion is a bit big. 

Big Breakfast - eggs of choice and any 5 items from extras ($20.9). The sourdough is a bit hard and chewy. The sauce is creamy but salty. The hash brown is bland and needed seasonings on it. Overall, this dish is a bit salty and blend, lot's of hit and miss.

French Toast - strawberry, coconut ice cream, blue berries, puffed wild rice and matcha ($14.5). The bread was so dry and the vanilla ice cream on top doesn't helped the taste of the french toast. Moreover, it has crunchy things on top which I thought is unnecessary as it has no taste and it hurts our teeth when we keep chewing it for a couple of times. We even ask for maple syrup to eat with the bread.

Salmon Omelette - smoked salmon, zucchini, horseradish, sour cream, fennel (18.9). The sourdough was toasted nicely with melted butter on top, I truly enjoyed it. The salmon is not fishy as well. Overall, it taste average, like a normal homemade dish.

It was along drive from the city for us, we did love the spaciness of the place. Especially the big window with the amazing view and this was the second time Lips Temptations visited Tosaria. The service was fine and friendly but they needed to be more creative and innovative with their dishes.

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