Temperance Society

Thursday, January 12, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Temperance Society opened around Mid last year is considered a breath of fresh air in Hughesdale area since there was not much of a modern brunch cafe around. The cafe is  located in a secluded residential area quite far from the busy shopping street and public transport. There are only street parking available so it could be a challenge to find a parking spot during weekends. Temperance is also belong to a big family of cafe's such as Penta, Legacy, MOB and Tinker.

I went to Temperance with my mom, lil brother and husband to celebrate my brother bachelor degree's graduation and since it's not located too far away from Monash, we decided to go there for lunch after the ceremony. The cafe separated into two area, indoor and outdoor patio area. We decided to take a seat at the outdoor patio area since it has better lighting and the weather was not too hot.

We all opted for cold drinks since it's summer; Orange Juice ($5.5), Iced Coffee with ice cream ($6.5), Chocolate Milkshakes ($6.5) and Passion Pop Smoothies - passionfruit, mixed berries, mango, coconut flesh and organic almond milk ($9.5). The chocolate milkshakes was way too thin and too sweet for our liking but we do love the smoothies. It's a mixture of everything I like, refreshing yet rich as well.

Brรปlรฉe Bircher - strawberries, cranberries, super seeds mix, brulee yoghurt and watermelon jerky ($15). This was our highlight of the meal and I have been seeing this on Instagram as well. One of the best bircher I have ever tasted, creamy, rich but not over powering and still have some freshness in it. The watermelon jerky was unique and I never tasted them before and I like them.

Chilli Scrambled Eggs - coriander, bacon, cherry tomatoes, Vietnamese mint, fried shallots and parmesan on sourdough ($18). The seasonings was on the spot but it's a bit too over cooked even for a well done egg.

Black Rice Sushi Burger - sesame salmon tataki, kewpie wasabi, pickled red cabbage, nori and avocado ($16). This is one of the reasons with visited Temperance. My brother is a big fan of Japanese food and anything salmon so it's obvious that he ordered this dish. Sadly, the salmon was a bit hard too swallow but the black rice sushi bun was nice and the texture is closer to onigiri. The rest of the ingredients worked well together but not outstanding.

Mango Chicken Salad - soba noodles, chicken, capsicum, black sesame, rocket with lime and coconut dressing ($18). This is a brand new menu, I don't even see them online yet. This is our second best dish of the meal. It's perfect for summer since it's cold, light and refreshing with a nice sauce, just a touch of salt would be nice.

Orange Blossom Hotcakes - strawberries, pomegranates, vanilla bean mascarpone, raw fruit confetti ($17). This was what my mom wants to order since she loves sweet breakfast and the pancake was good but needed to be a little bit fluffier but we do love the mascarpone and the combination of fresh strawberries and pomegranate. It does look pretty too.

The service was quite slow and it take quite some time for the food to arrive on our table. Seated at the back makes it really hard to get any attention from the staff as well even for a water refill. I do like the laid back, relaxing and chill vibe.

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Temperance Society
127 Kangaroo Road
Hughesdale, VIC 3166
Monday-Friday: 7am-4pm
Saturday-Sunday: 8am-4pm