Tandoori Flames (Invited)

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Tandoori Flames second restaurant opened in 2013 at West Footscray just 2 minutes from Footscray Station and their original restaurant at South Kingsville in 2008. Focusing on a traditional Indian cuisine complete with belly dancer entertainment on their bollywood night.

When we came and told her that we're food bloggers, she wasn't familiar with the food blogger thingy until she called the owner. We're just awkward waiting to be seated until she got confirmation from the owner to assist us. We noticed that only 1 service attendant for the whole restaurant. We came on Wednesday around 7.30 PM, the restaurant was pretty quite. We saw only 1 group of family occupied one of their large table. The place was quite spacious and elegantly designed. In the middle of the room there was a noticeably big gap between tables that usually used for belly dance performance every weekend and there’s also spacious outdoor tent space available for functions including the catering services.

We were first greeted with Papadum, it was very fresh, crispy, tasty, and everything was just right (not too salty). This was served with the classic duo - tamarind and mint dips on the side which makes this dish was even better.

Second menu was mixed manchurian - stir fried vegetable dumplings in garlic soya sauce. Followed by Tandoori mushroom - marinated mushrooms infused with coriander and cooked in charcoal tandoor. Unfortunately, the presentation was not appetising. The mushroom and vegetables looked burned and overcooked - the mushroom were watery as well. This is definitely not our favourite.

While waiting for our main dishes, we ordered pina colada and mango lassi. The lassi was the star of the night. It was totally perfect for the warm weather that day and it was so refreshing and not too sweet. The pina colada was okay. But I did not enjoy it as much.

Our last menu was butter chicken - tender chicken pieces cooked in the smooth tomato buttery sauce and Garlic naan. The butter chicken was really nice as I expected in most of Indian restaurant. The chicken was really tender but it sure took a really long time for the chicken to come out. The Garlic naan was little bit oily.

The dessert was Shahi Pistachio Kulfi, it's suggested by the service attendant and she told me that it's the best dessert. It's a homemade ice-cream with pistachio, saffron and cardamom which was cooked 14 hours to before you cooled it to be an ice cream. After it’s cooled down, the ice cream sliced and dressed with rose syrup on top. I couldn't agree more that this dessert was really nice and very unique for Tandoori Flame.

Overall, the foods were great, just wish the service would be much quicker so that the dining experience could be improved. There was too much gap between the meals.at the beginning she was really attentive; however when it got busier up to 5 different groups excluding us. The service got slower and slower. Despite of the business, the service attendant was really friendly and kept smiling when giving service customers. We realised that it would be great if there is additional service attendant to assist her, because she was the one who made the drinks ordered by customers. Pretty much, she did everything by herself on the floor.

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Tandoori Flames
583 Barkly Street
West Footscray
Melbourne, VIC 3012