Spiral Beans (Invited)

Friday, January 13, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Spiral Beans is a modern Japanese restaurant focusing on serving various organic, vegan and vegetarian meals, located in Preston. A bit far from the city, reachable by Tram 86 or best by car. Formerly known as Disco Beans, a quirky funky Japanese restaurant contrasting with Spiral Beans simple and elegant outlook. Occasionally they also holds periodical tea ceremony for a small group of people, who keen to experience the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

I was invited by Yuka, the owner of Spiral Beans. I was excited but a bit sceptical of the concept as well since I'm a meat eater. The restaurant it self are decorated with traditional Japanese fabrics, handmade ceramics, wooden furnitures. Together it gives the place elegant yet traditional feel. The second floor was my favourite since they've got a traditional Japanese tea room.

We were served the full course set menu ($55 pp) with some additional appetisers on the side. We started with Sake (Kyoto Gyokuro), it had a faint floral smell and goes really well with the appetisers. It comes originally from Kyoto and Gyokuro using the finest quality green tea leaf, produced by shading the tea crop just as the new growth appears in spring. Seeved in a unique Japanese cup and teapot with 80 degrees water best to boil the tea.

For the appetisers we got five elements plate and fish of the day - fresh cucumber pickles, sweet potato, rice balls, beetroot with tofu, homemade kimchi and salmon as the fish of the day. It was beautifully plated, the kimchi was so good and the salmon was perfectly cooked.

Gyoza - filled with chunky vegetables with skin infused beetroot. The colours certainly was pretty and attractive but it taste like a regular meat filled gyoza which is surprisingly enjoyable.

Okonomiyaki - Japanese potato pancake made with gluten free grain, filled with vegetables and served with homemade mayo on top. Somehow I dislike this the most not that it's horrible but among others this dish was just average and a bit thick and too soggy for my taste.

Tempura is one of the most popular and well known Japanese food, this tempura was served with light teriyaki sauce and matcha salt (looks like a regular matcha powder but have salty taste in it with a faint matcha aroma).

Sashimi Salad was the freshest dishes out of all and it goes really well with the sauce. Well done, Yuka! The plating was so beautiful just like a mini garden of sashimi. I would love to come back for this dish, especially in the summer.

The service was really nice and attentive, since in the email Yuka was really friendly and knowledgable. Spiral Beans clearly know what they are doing and can't wait for their next innovation.

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Spiral Beans
539 Plenty Rd
Preston, VIC 3072