Good Egg (Invited)

Wednesday, January 11, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Good Egg located in South Melbourne, it's a petit cafe focus on good quality egg dishes owned by Greg Bremner. All their dishes focus on eggs with various techniques, texture and companies. They got their eggs from Real Eggs, a free range Daylesford farm known as holistic synergistic enterprise. I have no idea what it means until I watched the video provided on the event, absically the sheep graze the grassland and the chicken waste fertilise the land naturally. The chooks more from land to land and they are free running around, in results they are higher in nutrient density than caged chicken. They also produce more vibrant colour yolks and the famous The Lakehouse restaurant used them daily.

I was invited to Good Egg cafe in South Melbourne by Tasty Business Consulting consist of Missy Ness and Melbourne Gluten. Eggs are known for their proteins, vitamins and many other healthy benefits but my mom said that the yellow part is very high in cholesterol so limited consumptions per day is best to be implemented. But two per day is totally fine and healthy.

Scotched - pork & fennel, panko crumbed egg w roast tomato relish and falafel, panko crumbed egg w harissa & tahini dressing ($5.5 each). We started with a couple of delightful scotched eggs treats. The pork & fennel is so tasty and a joy to eat. Felafel is not bad either. After all what is not to like, crunchy in the outside, soft in the inside, you can really taste the softness of perfectly cooked egg inside. 

Sal - egg salad w mustard aioli, watercress, rocket & capers ($9) add anchovies ($1) tuna ($3). Next we have the egg salad burger. Great combination and very refreshing, the freshness of watercress and rockets compliment the soft boiled egg really well. 

Niche - soft boiled egg, baby cos, mount zero olives, chat potatoes green beans, red onions, smoked cherry tomatoes & a tarragon vinaigrette ($11). We are served a nice portion of salad next. I am not a big fan of egg salad in general but I don't mind this combination. The tomatoes and vinaigrette give the much needed sourness to compliment the taste of the egg and the freshness of the cos. A good dish overall.

Avo - sliced avocado, egg, roast corn salsa, corn chips, jalapenos & lime aioli ($11) - My favourite dish of the day. Really interesting combination, just enough level crunchiness from the chips, the fresh taste of salsa and avocado, perfectly combined with excellent fried egg. I can eat this all day!

Burger - wagyu burger, egg, sharp cheddar, tomato, confit onions, BBQ sauce & mayo ($12.5). Last dish of the day, also the punchiest one. Such a good value for money, juicy beef patty is combined with perfectly cooked fried egg. It melts in your mouth. I recommend this for anyone looking for a good classic beef burger.  

It was a fun late lunch with overwhelmingly delicious egg dishes, if you love eggs this is definitely the place for you. Even though the place is small and best for take away. We also received a goodie bag to bring home consist of many other goodies such as meringue shape like egg, bacon, Realegg eggs and more.

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Good Egg
301 Coventry St
South Melbourne, VIC 3205