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Criniti's is a well known and popular Italian restaurant chain based in Sydney, they owned five restaurant in Sydney and two in Melbourne. Created by Frank Criniti, who grew up eating Italian food prepared by Mamma Rosa showcasing the true flavour of produce from his dad' garden. Their motto is "It can never be good enough, there is always room for improvement"

I was looking for a spacious yet classy restaurant for my big family Christmas Eve dinner then I heard lot's of recommendation from my foodie friend to try book a table at Criniti's. So I did, I was intrigue by 1m/2m/3m pizza options and I'm pretty sure it will excites my small cousins as well. The restaurant it self was modern mixed in with traditional Italian vibe, I love it. It's comfortable, warm, yet unique and attractive with lot's of decorations such as a vespa, giant nutella, hanging chandelier and more. We were seated at the traditional red brick room, the darker part of the restaurants.

We ordered two starters; Caesar Salad - cos lettuce, pancetta, grated parmigiano, croutons with caesar dressings ($19.9). The salad was simple, fresh with a very light caesar dressings. I prefer it to be a little bit stronger and a bit more pancetta. Salt & Pepper Calamari - crispy salt and pepper calamari with garlic aioli ($21.9). The calamari was well cooked and not too oily, which I highly appreciate. 

Then two types of pasta; Fettuccine Carbonara - bacon, black pepper, cream, egg, shallots and pecorino ($28.9). The fettuccine was al dente and the carbonara was creamy but not too creamy so we can eat a lot of them. Spaghetti Aglio e Olio - garlic oil, basil pesto, chilli, parsley ($29.9). The aglio e olio was pretty different than the average sauce cause they added basil pesto and parsley, I'm honestly prefer the normal sauce.

1m Pizza; Pork Belly - napoli sauce, mozzarella, Italian pepperoni, mozarella crust, Little Mickie's -  napoli sauce, mozzarella, bacon, prawn, basil, Jhonny 'd' Sausage - bbq sauce base, mozzarella, marinated garlic veal, Italian sausage, pineapple, mushroom, oregano. All of the pizza's comes out really good, thin based but not soggy. Everybody seems to enjoyed it really much, the favourite was the pork belly.

Dessert Platter - tiramisu, chocolate & vanilla cannoli, ricotta cheesecake served with vanilla & cookies and cream gelato ($29.9). We were too full to order various dessert so we just ordered one dessert platter to share among the adults. The tiramisu was too bitter for some people but some others love them. The cream inside cannoli was creamy, rich and I love them.

From the booking experience on the phone, it has not been pleasant. I called them to ask some questions and they were pretty in a hurry. On the day, they mistaken my reservation from fourteen people to four but try to make it up with saying they miss heard me when I came in, they thought I was someone else. During the dinner, it's pretty hard to get any attention from the staff and when we did they are not too friendly. Always in a hurry and not attentive at all, some of the staff were not knowledgeable of the menu at all and unable to answer the questions I asked such as how many flavour we can choose for a 1m pizza etc. The food comes in a generous portions and much bigger than I expected it to be, definitely worth the money and taste was good but they need to improve their service.

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198-204 Faraday St
Carlton, VIC 3053
Monday-Thursday & Sunday: 8am-10.30pm
Friday-Saturday: 8am-12am