Ben and Jerry Open Air Cinema

Sunday, January 01, 2017 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

First and for all, Happy New Year guys!! May this year brings lot's of fun, blessings and success than last year. I will start the year with Ben and Jerry Open Air Cinema post is an annual pop up event every summer all over Australia for the past a couple years. It features music, food, drinks before the music starts. In Melbourne, it's located in our very own St Kilda Beach conveniently close from the CBD and easily reachable by tram and private vehicles. There are plenty of tickets and seatings to choose from starting with bring you own picnic blanket or hire comfy bean lounger and blanket or booked Star Lounge or Polo Lounge or American Express packages for a reserved seatings and complimentary blanket and food.

Me and my husband is a member of American Express so we booked on of their packages for the screening of The Light Between Oceans. When we arrived we are escorted to the American Express area and allowed to pick any seats between that area then we were given some chips and drinks to be enjoyed later on the movie. We also got a cup of Ben and Jerry Ice cream.

Since the movie starts on sunset and it's summer, we got a little bit hungry and decided to try some of their food. To our surprise the price was not as high as food trucks or any festival food we usually encounter in Melbourne. Ladro Pizza provided various kind of pizza and starters, we ordered the super crispy chips we love so much and some calamari.

I love the event so much, I honestly would love to go again next summer. It's the perfect summer chill activities, relaxing on the beach before the movies than enter the area get some dinner and drinks while the DJ is playing the ended up snuggling under the starts watching movies. Absolutely love it.

Ben and Jerry Open Air Cinema
South Beach Reserve
St Kilda, VIC 3182