Pepper Lunch (Invited)

Tuesday, December 13, 2016 Sharon Halim 4 Comments

Pepper Lunch is found by Mr. Kunio Ichinose in Japan years a go. The bright logo is his vision the make the world brighter and happier with his restaurants. Right now Pepper Lunch have more than 200 outlets all over the world. Pepper Lunch is specialise in serving the finest, freshest ingredients on a patented sizzling hot teppan where you can cook, mixed, add sauces or sizzling it your way according to the Pepper Lunch staff. The hot plate it self is part of the secret formula of Pepper Lunch, it has a electromagnetic cooker patented in Japan able to heat up to 260degrees in 70 seconds and temain hot at 80degrees for more than 20 minutes

Lucky me, I know the man behind Australia Pepper Lunch and I did help him with some of the marketing stuff for Pepper Lunch. I have been eating pepper lunch for a long time back in Indonesia so I was quite excited when they first opened in Elizabeth St. Finally after years they done a brand new look, modern light wooden look with a bright natural lighting from the big window and greeneries. Besides that they also have a brand new mascot called Teppan Man and a couple new upgrades such as two self service counter, beer on tap, new ranges menu and non alcoholic drinks.

I was invited to their first day of reopening the Elizabeth store. I started with some of their brand new drinks; Tiramisu and Hokkaido Sunset. Personally, I love the tiramisu so much, perfect blend of St Ali coffee and left me with a nice sweetness.

If you are one of their loyal customers, don't worry they still have their original menu and I did ordered some of them; Tokusen Rib Eye and Hamburg & Premium Cut Steak. Well, it's not a secret that I love their hamburg beef so much as well as their sweet and salty sauce provided on the table, don't forget to add them in to your dish cause they are delish.

Time to venture to their new ranges menu; Teriyaki Hamburg ($9.9), Pepper Salad with Cut Steak ($14.8), Scallop Katsu Sizzling Curry ($16.9) and Beef Ribs on the bone ($24.9). The teriyaki sauce was sweet and nice but I still love their original sauce the best. The salad dressings was fresh and tasty but not over powering. Their scallop is one of the favourite of the night and it was well partnered with the curry and nice to be eaten with the rice. The last but not least was the beef ribs, it was so tender and juicy.

Magic Choco Nut and Honey Crunch ice cream both $4.95ea. I love the texture of their soft served ice cream, the toppings was generously given and a perfect dessert after all the hot sizzling dishes.

They also had a couple others brand new menu I want to try such as the lamb racks, ebi curry and matcha red bean ice cream so I will definitely will be back.

Pepper Lunch Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Pepper Lunch
311 Elizabeth St
Melbourne, VIC 3000
Monday-Wednesday & Sunday: 11am-10pm
Thursday-Saturday: 11am-11pm


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