Italian Chef (Invited)

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Italian chef has a distinguished culinary history back in Northern Italy, where Mario Vigano, the founder and one of the pioneer of Italian cuisine in Melbourne started his legend in this city.

Italian Chef is a 3 storey restaurant with a very beautiful setting and numerous event had been held here such as wedding, baby shower, birthday party and many more. In fact, we saw 2 events being held the day we visited. The restaurant has a big spacious space and gorgeous moody lighting. It also has an open kitchen allowing us to watch the chef garnish our food in front of our eyes.

We started our dinner with a very popular drinks in Italy and splash of soda is added to make the drinks more sparkling. Aperol - my partner and I both like this cocktail more than the other one. It has a little bit of sweet taste that goes well together with the bitter taste from the alcohol.The drinks pretty much compliment our entree dishes.
Campari - this drink is definitely stronger. The aftertaste is long and it's bitter. I feel like this drink should be enjoyed alone, not with a meal. Because once you have this, you can't really taste your food.

We ordered two entrees; Polpette della nonna - slow cooked pork and beef meatballs with napoli sauce and crostini ($16). Actually there was nothing special about this dish. Everything taste like meat and tomato. It's too sour. I think it's a good dish to share with 3-4 people. Sfoglia di verdure - homemade puff pastry filled capsicum, onion, carrot, zucchini and finished with cheese and truffle sauce ($18). I love the mushroom sauce, it's creamy and rich. The puff pastry is so soft, its not a crispy puff pastry that you expect. Everything in this dish are perfectly mixed. Sweet sauce, spice from the capsicum and savoury from the puff pastry. The aftertaste gives you sweetness in your palate.

Gnocchi al pomodoro e bufala - housemade gnocchi with ricotta cheese, napoli sauce topped with delicious fresh buffalo mozzarella ($25). The special thing about this dish is the generous amount of cheese they give us! The plating looks fabulous and the sauce is well-balanced.

Tortelli di cioccolato - housemade chocolate tortelli filled with braised duck served in a mushroom sauce with parmigiano reggiano cheese ($24). The pasta is too thick for my preference. The bitterness from the pasta came from the chocolate. Nevertheless, I like the mushroom sauce. The fillings (duck) are given generously as well and it is well-seasoned.

Maccheroncino al salmone e asparagi - pasta with salmon, asparagus, napoli sauce, cream and vodka ($26). The salmon is well seasoned and perfectly cooked with a soft pink colour in the middle. Even the skin is crispy! The broccoli puree taste amazing too and all of the ingredients compliment each other perfectly.

Pistachio cheesecake. It's a combination of bitter and sweet at the same time. David said this is the most favourite choice among all of the desserts. However, I thought it's a bit runny for cheesecake. The texture looks like mousse. The chocolate biscuit at the bottom is good though.

Tiramisu - sponge fingers, egg yolks, a touch of sugar, mascarpone cheese, coffee, liqueur blended in a glass ($10). My partner and I like this version of tiramisu as it taste more coffee than the rum.

Cioccolato tortino - chocolate fondant with a hint of coffee served with cinnamon ice cream ($11). The fondant dough is a bit burn. However, I like the melting chocolate inside - not that sweet yet rich. Taste even better with the cinnamon ice cream. Garnished with lots of strawberries and raspberry, and honey on the side. The ice cream balance out everything, makes you want to eat the choc cake more and more.

Our waiter (David) of the night who kindly served us the whole night provided a lovely service. He's very tentative and friendly but the overall
 food service was a bit slow. About 20 mins waiting time between each meals. Could be because of the 2 events running on that day and the restaurant was a bit loud because of the kitchen and the music, we have to raise our voice a lil bit to talk to each other but besides that we love the food.

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Italian Chef
427 Chapel St
South Yarra, VIC 3141
Monday-Thursday: 11.30am-9.30pm
Friday: 11.30am-11.30pm
Saturday-Sunday: 9.30am-10pm