Bhoj (Invited)

Monday, December 05, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Bhoj restaurant is a family business. The man of the family is of course the chef, and the wife and their son, Ankit in charge of managing the management side of the whole restaurant. It was first opened at Templestowe, 20 years ago and then 12 years a go they decided to moved to a better location at Docklands. Their vision is to bring authentic Indian food to Melbourne.

I was invited by Ankit on October but due to my busy schedule and ongoing events in Melbourne it got postponed until earlier this month, then finally Two of Lips Temptations representative come by to Bhoj. The restaurant it self was spacey with the best view of Docklands. Besides of the gorgeous setting they have inside, they have outdoor seating with a clear ocean view, direct sunlight and let the air breeze freely through you on a good weather, complete with heater for the winter days.

We started with a full ranges of Starters; Samosas - the pastry is good, it tastes so much like puff pastry. However, the fillings is so plain that I can't even taste the mango inside and i have to put a lot of chilli to make it flavoursome. Then the Gunpowder Chicken comes a long - when we first asked for a recommendation dish, Ankit answered this dish straight away and it didn't disappoint us even though the skin is not crispy. However, it is flavoursome throughout the meat and i can taste all the 5 difference spices in this dish. The meat is so tender as well. Then more Vegetarian starters started to come in; Mushroom 65 - all I could taste is coriander and chilli powder. From its' appearance, It looks like a big chunk of boneless chicken. Sounth palak papdi - it's sort of like a cold dish for me because of the yogurt sauce at the bottom. It's a very sweet dish that is why it's a good companion dish for the spicy food. I would recommend this dish together with spicy starter that you choose as it will clear up your taste bud from the spice. The more you have this, the better it will taste. Okra kurkure - Surprisingly, it is not oily at all considering it was deep-fried. I think this snacks is considered popular in Indian restaurant as I saw other customers order it too as their entree. You could just enjoy eating it by itself or you could try it with the sauces provides. They're really complimenting the okra flavour.

We tried three types of Tandoori dishes; Zafarani nawabi tikka - the meat is so tender as well. It has stronger spice compared to the other one (mulai murg kali mirch kebab) and it has a dry finish at the end. However, I could not really taste the egg yolk and the second tandoori came in Malai murg kali mirch kebab - the meat is so tender and soft that you only need to chew a little bit for it to melt in your mouth, it has peppery based but not too strong. I would recommend this dish. It taste like satay somehow and this dish is so creamy. I reckoned its because of the coated yogurt on the outer part. The last was Seekh kebab - it smells so good from far. The good thing about this dish is that the lamb doesnt smells. However, the spice is too strong that it overpowers the whole dish.

The last part of the meal was curry, we had three varieties of curry; Chicken Butter Cream - it is rather a sweet dish as I could taste the yogurt on top and it has a very good gravy to dip your roti or prata with. Murg Dolchi Golmirch - At this point, I think this restaurant is a master in handling chicken dish. Every chicken in all their dishes are very tender and soft. You have no issue in chewing them. The sauce of this dish reminds me of the previous dishes, like the zafarani nawabi tikka. I think they have similar spices in them. Bade Ka Lal Maas - the beef is actually quite chewy, it feels like rendang in different sauce and I also like the aftertaste. It goes really well with the red wine that I picked - pinot noir.

Their service are fast and friendly and another plus pint was the food came quickly once we placed our order and the waitress keeps going around to check if we are okay with everything. Overall, it was a pleasant dinner and we enjoyed it very much.

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54 Newquay Promenade
Docklands, VIC 3008
Monday-Tuesday: 5.30pm-10.30pm
Wednesday-Sunday: 12pm-3pm & 5.30pm-10.30pm