Bay City Burrito (Invited)

Friday, December 16, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Bay City Burrito provided a San Fransisco, Mexican food with variety of unique menu. At the very first beggining the restaurant was opened, they didn't have any cutleries because back in Mexico, they eat burritos naturally with their hand but after time passed, the restaurant got many feedback from customers which lead them to provide the cuteleries. The owner told me that every staff in this restaurant are pretty knowledable about food allergies and dietaries requirement which is something I highly appreciated. However, if  by unfortunate event a customer had allergic reaction to some food, the restaurant is able to proceed with a special process for all any types of allergic medication.

The restaurant it self it's a medium size restaurant and a cozy place to chill, the table are spacious and they also has a good lighting instalation with authentic colourful attractive Spanish decoration. Bay Burrito also work closely with Deliveroo and Foodora, therefore, they made a special "kitchen space" for deliveryfood and takeaway because customers since they are more sensitive with the time when they have ordered. They wanted the best quality to arrived on their customers table whether in restaurant or at home or their office space. 

Our first dish was Jalapeno Popper. When the dish arrived on the table, we can smell a unique aroma came from the fresh jalapeno. It's covered with crispy bread crumbs and it has cream cheese inside it. The filling had a savoury pleasant taste because of the cheese, even though overall it had a little bit spiciness came from jalapeno original taste. It served with two dipping sauce: spicy chippotle mayo and the other is lime sour cream. For my personal opinion, this jalapeno popper is better without those dipping sauce because it already had a strong flavour. I also ordered apple cider and this jalapeno popper is compliment with the drinks.

While we wait for our main course, we had a Cajun Picante which contain prawn sautéed in cajun sauce with cooked spanish onion, spanish rice cooked with spices, black beans, lettuce, lime sour cream and sliced coriander on the top. To be honest, the spanish rice didn't have much flavour, it might be to balance the dish which already has a dynamic flavour between the black beans and the prawns, also the lettuce bring freshness in between those beans. this is a refreshing dish before the burritos came out.

Our main dish is Naked Burrito with chicken and mozarella cheese cooked with spanish onion, red and green paprika with coriander, olives and lime sour cream on the top of it. those combination bring a good harmonisation between each other; the chicken is tempting and juicy with a hint of spiciness from the paprika. the lime sour cream give a freshness that made the dish a little bit sour. also the coriander make it smells herb and warm in the palate. To compliment our naked burritos, we got a corn chips with avocado based dip called guacamole. 

Overall, it was a pleasant event. The staff were friendly, attentive, knowledgeable and they did something incredible by checking the food condition after 2 minutes it has been served. 

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Bay Burrito
4 Shakespeare Grove
St Kilda, VIC 3182
Monday-Thursday & Sunday: 12pm-9pm
Friday-Saturday: 12pm-9.30pm