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Aagaman has been opened for 2 years and he recently opened camberwell curry house. It's run by his brother for over 8 months now. The location it self it's bit isolated, bus is the only public transport that has direct access to this restaurant. However, there are also few parking spots available around. 

The restaurant it self was quite small but decorated nicely. It has a modern vibe yet classy and comfortable for a small group of people. The dim lighting creates a nice atmosphere and adding a little bit of romance to the place. Aagaman also served various beverages such as wine and cocktails.

We started with some Appetisers; Chimmichuri Scallop - marinated in  garlic, fresh Indian spices, herbs, pan seared served with tomato chutney. It's a lovely dish indeed. It's not fishy, fresh and very soft. You could taste the almond on the top of every scallop and the sauce that was give is very generous. We also got some salad and it said to be one of the street food in india. It's a refreshing dish because of the cucumber and tomato. This place doesn't serve foods that have a really strong taste of indian which explained that the restaurants is filled with local people.

Then the army of Entree's started coming in our way; Tawa Prawns - king prawn, crushed garlic, yoghurt, Indian spices, lime juice and then grilled on the pan. I like how the prawn is cooked and skinned. We can even eat the tail easily. The sauce is absorbed throughout the meat. Even though it's a bit plain on its own, the prawns were fresh and succulent even though the sauce is clearly needed to enhance the flavour. Then we got to taste Momos - dumpling filled with minced chicken served with golbheda ko achar. This dish said to be one of Nepal's popular dish but for me the curry is so strong for my taste. Didn't expect it at first because it's dumpling but it actually empowers the skin flavour. If you don't like a strong flavour curry, I do not recommend this dish even though It's an interesting dish. The last entree but certainly not the smallest; Aagaman ka Andaz or known as Mixed Grill Tandoori Platter - assortment of tandoori chicken tikka, tandoori chicken, seekh kebab served with tangy tamarind sauce. Thid dish is actually a good value to share. In the plate, there are 2 of each tandoori; chicken, lamb chop, beef and kebab.
The chicken is tender but it would be great if it's a little bit drier and more crispy. The coating sauce was pretty great though. The lamb chop is perfectly cooked and the nut sauce do make the dish taste even better. The kebab has a strong lamb smell that you could taste at the end of your palate. The rest of the dish has pretty the same taste as they're using the same sauce. Served with yogurt sauce on the side to sweeten your meat.

Do you think that's plenty? We just got to Main; Murg Makhani or Butter Chicken; chicken cooked in tomatoes enriched in cream sauce. One of my favourite Indian dish ever, it's a sweet dish yet you could taste the spice in them. The meat itself is very soft. It's perfect with rice or roti even though the roti was hard, I prefer the rice it had creamy taste yet very light. We were also given Chettinad Madras Curry, this dish definitely have more spiced than the butter chicken. Other than that, butter chicken is cooked in the oven while curry chicken is cooked on a pan. The sauce is like the usual curry that you expect but stronger. The last main of the night Fish and it's nice after all the meat. The fish was fresh, soft and succulent but  I think the sauce doesn't compliment fish meat. It would be more suitable for  chicken.

We can't leave without Dessert; Samosa.This is such an interesting dessert that I would want to try from just reading the description. However, it was disappointing and It's totally different than I expected. The coconut cream sauce is a bit heavy and the skin is cold even though it is deep fried. Overall, it doesn't feel like a dessert for me. It taste like a sweet savoury dish. It's an okay dish but I don't prefer eating them at the end as my closing dish. I prefer the second dessert; Pistachio. It is such a refreshing dessert, garnished with pistachio seeds on top. The sauce is sour that makes the flavour pops up. It is a nut based. Interesting and different. Totally recommended.

Overall, it was a nice dinner. They served Indian Nepalese fusion to suits Australian palate rather than strong Indian taste which is perfect for some people. In terms of service, it is quite slow as there are only 2 person at the front of house. I think they needed more staff.

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Aagaman Indian Nepalese Restaurant
271 Bay St
Port Melbourne, VIC 3207