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Oneyada is a product of one of Melbourne's finest and most popular Thai restaurants. One of the founding cousins recently got married so Tanpapat family opened a casual Thai Breakfast cafe to welcome the growing family. It's located so close to Jinda Thai and sometimes they do share a kitchen. The cafe is inspired by Thai breakfast rather than Melbourne brunch scene with the house manager Prem Tanpapat and her brother, sister, the whole big family, Oneyada opened a brand new petit yet charming Oneyada cafe.

One of my foodie friend wants to visit oneyada and honestly I'm excited as well. She was recommended by my other foodie friends so I was expecting a delicious flavour. It was so hard to find parking space in Richmond even on a weekday. The cafe it self was petit, decorated with wooden tables and some white wooden wall with Thai colourful paintings in it. Apparently the paintings is created by Fon herself who completed a Master in Fine Arts back in Thailand.

I started with Thai Milk Tea with condensed milk and Today Special; Bacon & Cheese Fried Wonton. Their Thai milk tea is very similar with Jinda Thai and a bit overly sweet so I had to add more milk to balanced it up but love the rich flavour. The fried wonton was super crispy with salty bacon and cheese with sriracha creamy mayo, yum!

Kai Gra Ta - e-sarn style baked eggs with cocktail sausage, sautéed mince pork, Chinese sausage and spring onion ($12.9). This is Thai version of baked eggs, most of you known that I love my baked eggs but this is nothing like the baked eggs we are familiar with in Melbourne. I have seen this dish ordered by other foodies so I'm curious to try it but sadly compared to all the other dishes, this dish falls flat. The deep fried enoki was delicious but the rest was a lil bit dry.

Kai Toon Tom Yum - steamed egg custard, tom yum broth and seafood ($12.9). This has a similar taste with Jinda's tom yum, balanced in flavour; fresh, spicy, sweet and sour. Inside they added a layer of super silky egg custard, I love it. I would gladly have more of this.

Today Special;"Kao Soi" Chiang Mai Famous Curry Noodle with Chicken. This is my favourite dish of the day and I'm still dreaming about it till now. The richness of the curry noodle without being overpowering and the soft noodle mixed in with the crunchy noodle on top just simply super delicious.

Kaya Toast - house farmhouse bread with pumpkin kaya and panda kaya spread ($6.5). This is another highlight of the day, it smells so good and the bread it self was so soft, airy and sweet. Made in house and freshly baked everyday. This is the perfect ending to the meal. The pumpkin spread was barely taste like pumpkin but still delicious but I love the pandan spread so much.

The service was attentive and friendly. All the food was delicious, I would given it a perfect score if not for the Thai baked eggs but seriously this is one of the nicest meal I had in a long time. I would love to come back sometime soon.

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239 Victoria St
Abbotsford, VIC 3067
Monday-Friday: 7am-3pm
Saturday-Sunday: 8am-3pm