Lou Lou Patisserie (Invited)

Saturday, November 26, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Lou Lou Patisserie is an online handmade macaron shop, what's special is they are all hand-painted individually by it's owner Jesslyn, an Indonesian William Angliss student with a huge talent in baking, caligraphy, painting and obviously decorating. 

Each macaron needed attentive attention, patience, craftsmanship and love to produced. Flowers are currently the trademark of Jesslyn art with at least 3 colours on each macaron.

I was given five flavours to taste; Hazelnut, Earl Grey, Raspberry, Cream Cheese & Blueberry and Peanut Butter & Raspberry. The macaron was well made, not too sweet with a good range of flavours to suits everyone taste. 

The taste of the macaron it self was not overwhelmingly sweet which I love so I can eat them in a large amount at once. My favourite out of all was the Cream Cheese Blueberry; the combination of cheese, fresh soury blueberry and the sweetness from the maacron shell just fit nicely into my palete. 

Lou Lou Macarons is perfect for gift at any ocassions, christmas, valentines, wedding and many more. It's special, each macaron decorated with one of a kind painting since it's all hand-painted none it's exactly the same. On top of that, a personalised hand written card is available as well. They come in a box of two ($15) and five ($35), order yours now.

Lou Lou Patisserie
Ig: @louloupatisserie
Text/WhatsApp: 0401620317
Email: loulou.patisserie@gmail.com