Kit Kat Chocolatory Melbourne

Saturday, November 05, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

I personally very familiar with Kit Kat, have been eating since I was a little kid then my mom introduce me to all the different flavours she got from her travelling then my knowledge got broader when I went to Japan for the first time. There are a lot of weird flavours such as wasabi, orange, houjicha and many more. Then not long a go finally japan opened Kit Kat Chocolatory, the first Kit Kat boutique and then last year Kit Kat Pop Up Store rock Melbourne with multiple limited edition flavours and custom made Kit Kat but never I dream of Kit Kat Chocolatory will open in Melbourne but it did and it's first Kit Kat permanent store in the world besides Japan.

As predicted I went on their very first day, the store is located on the main floor besides optus and telstra. The first thing I noticed was their custom made wall and this time it's permanent. At any time of the year you can custom made your own Kit Kat with various boxes varies on occasion.

I was pretty excited for their limited edition Melbourne Street Flavours, another collaboration with Anna Polyviou. There are 4 flavours; Hosier Lane, Caramelising the Streets; smooth milk chocolate, crisp wafers, caramel fudge, nougat, popcorn, potato chips, St Kilda Sundae Session; Intense dark chocolate, crisp wafers, marshmallow, pretzel, raspberry jelly drips, Little Bourke Yo' Maccha Me Crazy - creamy white chocolate, crisp wafers, maccha, toasted coconut, cornflakes and Luna Park Cancy Craze; creamy white chocolate, crisp wafers, pop rocks, rice crispies. and sold for $40, honestly it's one of the most expensive Kit Kat I have bought and I'm not sure I can keep it up with the trend.

I do think the price was on the high side and this is definitely for leisure not for every day consumption but it's a great idea for gifts for an occasion or gifts from overseas. My mother in law loves Kit Kat and my brother in law is going back home to Indonesia the very next day so I bought a package for her since she could not get any of this flavour any where else. I'm also a bit disappointed besides the Melbourne Street Flavour, they are repeating the flavour that's already been done at their Kit Kat pop up store last time. I was expecting all new flavour but the staff did say they are going to launch new flavours every one and half month so we'll see. Overall, I'm happy Kit Kat picked Melbourne for this.

Kit Kat Chocolatory
Melbourne Central
211 La Trobe St
Melbourne, VIC 3000