Food Social Global Feast L: Lebanon (Invited)

Monday, November 21, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Once again, I was invited again as the photographer at the Food Social Global Feast : L for Lebanese at Zikrayat. It has been my routine every month to attend to Food Social event and this was the first time I can't make it for a long time. I had a holiday scheduled to Japan with a group of friends so one of my representative filled the position in. This review based on his experience on the event.

Zikrayat is located at Malvern which is quite near the CBD and very accessible. You can reach there either by train or tram number 16 within 30 minutes from Flinders Station. The place itself is decorated with Lebanese theme furniture and ornaments which enhance my experience in exploring the Lebanese cuisine.

For the opening, we were served by a glass of champagne and followed by a unique way of toast introduced by PS. So, instead of us toasting together at once, we toast to the person next to us only and we should look at each other eye while toasting. It was a fun and new experience for me. After having little conversations and introductions from the Rami who is the owner of the Restaurant, and PS who is the host of the event, we were having lots of Pita Breads with variety of Dips such as Hummus (chickpeas blended with tahini, lemon juice, topped with paprika), Baba Ganouj (smoked eggplant mixed tahini sauce and fresh lemon juice), Labneh (24hr hung yoghurt, fresh mint, extra virgin oil) and Fatoush salad (diced salad of vegetables mixed with purslane when in season, mint, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, fresh promegranate seeds, crisp pieces of fried bread with a drizzle of pomegranate molasses) for the first course.  Overall. I quite like the combination of Pita bread and the Fatoush Salad. The salad was fresh and crunchy which is good for appetizer.

On the second course, Meat Cigars, a spicy lean minced lamb rolled in a filo pastry, becomes my favourite as it is very juicy and doesn’t smell, However, Arnabiet, the infamous deep fried cauliflower from Lebanon was great either.

Before we jumped into the main dish, there was a performance of belly dancing to spice up the night. One of us from the group was invited to dance together with the dancer and, as always, it made the culinary experience from Food Social unique.

For the main, Skewered meat dishes were ready to be enjoyed. There were two main dishes which were Shish Tawook – Marinated chicken Breast on skewers, barbecued & coated with garlic and lemon juice and Kafta Mishwee – Barbecued minced lamb mixed with parsley, onion, and capsicum & herbs. Their own unique long grain rice was also served together to complete the dish. Once again, the Lamb Skewer won my heart again and It proves that the quality of the Zikrayat’s lamb was up to standard.

Then we moved on to the fourth course : Moussaka, which is a traditional stew of fried eggplant & chichpeas, cooked with tomato & onion & drizzled with tahini, and Lebanese Okra Stew. Both dishes were average for me as it didn’t have any distinct flavor.

To end the night, we were having Baklawa and Turkish Delight served with Lebanese coffee. It was a perfect combination, as the sweetness of Turkish delight balance off the strong Lebanese coffee. 

Overall, it was a one great experience to meet people through the love of food once again and it was always nice to meet new faces and explore new dishes together. At the end, I should admit that Zikrayat has one of the best lamb in town for you all Lamb Lovers! Next event by Food Social is up on their website, check it out! Cheers, I’m Out! HAHA.

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