Earth, Wind & Flour (Invited)

Monday, November 14, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Earth, Wind & Flour owned by the  previous owner of Baked in Elwood which has been opened for 20 years. By moving on to the new business, the new pizzeria enters the area. They pride them self in serving well balanced flavour, ingredients and perfect thickness pizza to satisfy Melbourne's appetite.

I had a pack travelling schedule starting from mid to end this year so my representative and his sister, who is currently studying patisserie and all the baked goods substitute for me. This review is based on their experience. The new shop has a rustic, comfortable yet warm dining area with cute arts of children's colourful drawings.

Prosciutto Pizza - cheese, gorgonzola, pear, prosciutto, reduced balsamic dressing, tomato and wild rocket. The cheese and gorgonzola (Italian Blue Chees) was tasty but the drizzle of balsamic sauce was perfect to balances the sweet and saltiness of the pizza. I personally love the combination of pear and cheese.

Beets and Sage Pizza - apple, cheese, crispy sage, goats cheese, roasted pumpkin, roasted pumpkin seeds, tomato base. This pizza was mostly sweet but the cheese balanced the sweetness nicely. Honestly, it's a unique but good combination of flavours. It has a soft textures yet crispy sake and pumpkin seeds added extra textures needed in the dish.

Jumping Beans Pizza - black bean, cheese, chilli, ground beef, jalapenos, roasted capsicum, spanish onion, tomato base. This was the highlight of the night and clearly the hero of the dish was the beans. It has a little bit of spiciness and the crunchiness of the ground beef was excellent. From the name it self it is clear that this is a Mexican inspired creation.

Chimichurri Pizza - cheese, chimicurri drizzle, chorizo, fresh chilli, roasted capsicum, salamai, spanish onion and tomato base. Their homemade Chimichurri sauce consist of parsley, lemon, garlic sauce but somehow the garlic was a touch too strong and clearly the heat was powerful but the chorizo was nicely dine. This was the spiciest pizza out of all four.

For dessert; Flourless Orange and Almond Cake arrived on the table. The taste was average but it's certainly a good value for money.

The owner during the visit was very friendly and accomodating, soon Earth, Wind & Flour will also have their alcohol license which mean you can partner this well baked pizza with Italian wine.

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Earth, Wind & Flour
9/11 Ormond Rd
Elwood, VIC 3184
Monday-Thursday & Sunday: 5pm-10pm
Friday-Saturday: 5pm-11pm