Aunty Franklee's (Invited)

Friday, November 25, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Aunty Franklee's has opened in Melbourne CBD by the twins Francesca and Fiorn Lee. Their family chain SugarBun have been serving their famous recipes sinces 1979 and has over 60 restaurants. They are well known through out Asia for extensive Malaysian cuisine.

I was invited down to their launching party and I'm so excited since I love Malaysian food and I grew up eating lots of it. The restaurant it self has two storey and was vibrant, bright with interesting wallpaper. I was also amaze by their cute menu, all printed into stunning postcards even though it's a little bit confusing to order. We started the dinner with some Malaysian hawker drinks such as Pear & White Wood - slowed brewed goji berries, dried longans and dates, can be enjoy hot or cold ($4.1). It's a well refreshing drink with healing powers, Honey Ginger - something sweet yet spicy ($3.8), Lemon Barley - a little lemon to balance the bold textures of barley, can be enjoy hot or cold ($3.8) and Borneo Milk Tea - coconut sugar, red tea and evaporated milk ($3.8). Both lemon barley and the pear & white wood could be a touch sweeter but maybe just add sugar syrup when serving for preferences.

Chargrilled Chicken and Pork Belly - 1/4 tumeric chicken, marinated, glazed, grilled and seared pork belly served with multi grain rice, tea egg, greens and aromatic herb ($17.5). Honestly, I really like their rice mixed in with the vegies and peanut sauce, can't stop eating them. The chicken is my favourite, it was well marinated and tasty but the pork belly was nice too.

Chargrilled Beef Ribs and Lamb Ribs - lamb infused with time honoured techniques, beef stewe in 23 herbs and spices then grilled served with multi grain rice, tea egg, greens and aromatic herbs ($17.8). Both beef and lamb was tender and all the spices was deep embedded to the very last bite, love it. Even though the price was quite high for the portions. 

Old Fashioned Bak Kut Teh (Meat Bone Tea - translated from Hokkien) served with rice and tea egg ($18.9) and Chinese donut ($2). There's history begund this authentic Malaysian broth, during 1930's depression a sensei develop this dish to feed Chinese immigrants of Malaya and this recipes comes from generations of Lee family an authentic broth Grandpa Francis signature dish. This is what I'm waiting for and love the meat ball and chinese donut that comes with the bak kut teh.

Mother Hen Soup - concoction of mushrooms and chicken served with rice and tea egg ($14.9). This was the highlight of the night, rich soup and very tasty chicken. I would definitely come back for this and this kind of soup is not easy to find in Melbourne.

23 Herbs Broth in Mug ($2) - made fresh daily from mix of pork and chicken bones, boiled for hours till all its marrow drawns out, adding herbs for flavour and consistency. It might be too rich to be consume by one person, best to share.

Aunty Franklee's x N2; vanilla black pepper gelato. This flavour is exclusive and only can be found at Aunty Franklee's. The pop up pepper in the super smooth vanilla gelato was really nice and somehow refreshing, love it.

The service was friendly and I want to try their dry bak kut teh since it's something different than the old fashion bak kut teh but sadly I was way too full so I'll definitely come back soon for that. Little that I know, the very next day my hubby want to try it so we want back to Aunty Franklee's. It was delicious, I actually prefer the Dry Bak Kut Teh than the traditional Bak Kut Teh. The pork belly was beautifully charred with rich spices.

We used $10 credit if you download the Aunty Franklee app, available for limited time only. Feel free to download it yourself with the link below:

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Aunty Franklee's
205-297 Russell St
Melbourne, VIC 3000
Monday-Sunday: 11.30am-4am