Okra (Revisited-Invited)

Tuesday, October 25, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Okra restaurant has been operating for 14 years and surprisingly it never has a website to promote its food. It is a thai Indonesian Malaysian fusion restaurant. The owner is Malaysian and his wife is Indonesian. Now you might know why okra is a fusion restaurant. They have a seasonal special every month. This month’s special is “Lamb shanks cooked with Malaysian curry sauce with eggplant, okra and lemon grass”. I was told it was the best dish for their special so far. So, what are you waiting for? Grab them before October ends. Sadly, I did not try the special but I had their special hawker night that holds every Sunday.

I'm really fond of Lawrence, the owner of Okra so when he said he wanted to do another blog event for their Sunday Hawker menu I'm so excited but sadly I was away on the date so I sent two of my representatives to fill in. This review is based on their experience.

Poh pia - I find it very difficult to find poh pia in Melbourne and when I found it in Okra, it did not disappoint me. The taste is very close to what we will have in Asia. The meat ingredients of this food is shredded pork. The interesting part is that Okra only make 20 serves per day since it was time consuming to make it. So, please call them in advance to reserve 1 serve for you before you came in to avoid disappointment.

Charcoal grilled - This dish has two meat - beef and chicken and they are served with peanut sauce on the side. Honestly, I like the chicken one better but it is all depends on your liking but both meat are so tender that you could swallow them after chewing them twice. It also gives off a sweet taste without the sauce. On the other side, I am not a big fan of the sauce as it tastes a bit bland and has a bitter aftertaste.

Roti canai chicken curry - At first, I thought the sauce will be too strong for my liking as I could smell the sauce right away when the food arrived at my table. However, the sauce surprises me. When I dip my roti canai inside the curry, the taste combined perfectly together. It has the kind of addicting taste that makes you want to eat it more with roti canai. For the chicken itself, again, it melts in my mouth and what I like about it is that I can taste the sauce through the chicken.

Har mee - It is a bit disappointing with this dish especially when I had wonderful dishes before. I know that the soup is a seafood base but the taste is way fishy because of the prawn. I don't know what went wrong with this dish but the noodle is bland too and the meat taste average.

Char kwe teow - I thought this dish is going to taste bland too with the thought of previous noodle taste in my mind. However, it proves me wrong. It actually taste a bit salty with having them alone but when I have it with chilli oil, it is perfect for my liking.

Nasi Lemak - this dish has a very generous portion for its price. This is my first time getting nasi lemak with two meats. This dish is served with chicken and beef rendang. There is a surprise ingredients too that makes this whole dish feels foreign to me in a better way. Pineapple is served beside the rice too. You might think it is a weird combination but surprisingly it gives off freshness in your mouth to make you continue eating the dish.

Laksa - It is the same as the har mee. Even though laksa use coconut base as their soup, I can still taste the fishiness in the soup. The noodle is bland too. Overall, not a big fan of their noodle soup.

Crispy chicken hainanese rice - I actually want to recommend this dish. Even though you could find this easily, especially in the city, however I like the hainanese rice itself. It is so soft and the taste reminds me of hainanese rice that I had in Asia. The chilli is not spicy at all but it does not let me down as I could use the okra chilli oil that is provide on every table. Besides that, they also serve ginger oil on the side to balance the entire taste.

Dessert - For the dessert, it is not inside the hawker menu. You should ask one of the waiter to give you a dessert menu. This dessert really completed my dining experience in okra. This dessert really worth your money. The portion is quite big, so I recommend you to share it with your friends. You could not find this unique dessert anywhere but Okra. This dessert is like a combination of savoury and sweet. Each of the components on the plate has their own unique taste and they completed each other. Their homemade durian ice cream is really a bomb in this dish and they also put fruits in the middle to wash off your palates.

Overall, my dining experience was excellent. It is a really good restaurants that served good foods and awesome service. Their service is fast and clean. They are also friendly and attentive. They keep asking us about the food and refilling our drinks without us asking. Oh! one more fun fact about this restaurant. They never change the chef, he has been working there since they opened this restaurant.

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