Hakata Gensuke

Monday, October 03, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Hakata Gensuke is one of the most popular ramen place in Melbourne, famous for their long lines even on weekdays and rainy days. They are specialised in pork bone noodle soup known as Tonkotsu ramen invented by Master Chef Kousuke Yoshimura. He is also the shop owners and his passion is to bring the real taste of Hakata tonkotsu ramen to the world and now it finally arrives in Australia.

I'm a big fan of any kind of noodle but since Japanese cuisine is one my favourite, ramen is one of my top noodles to eat. Previously Melbourne does not have a wide varieties of authentic ramen but suddenly one by one pops up around the corner and I love that so much. 

Signature Tonkotsu is my favourite, I normally ordered hard noodles, normal broth with extra egg and seaweed. The original pork broth has a full body, rich and high in collagen and it's delicious. Definetly the best tonkotsu in Melbourne. God Fire is made for people who loves spicy taste with an options of Spicy Lvl 1-4. It's a combination of their original tonkotsu broth with their secret spicy fire sauce.

Their Gyoza is also one of my favourite, small pieces with super delicate skin and subtle yet flavourful fillings. Perfect partner for their ramen.

I did try their Black Tonkotsu which contain their original broth with fried garlic and black sesame paste. Honestly, not bad at all but I still prefer the original flavour. I just found out at Hawthorn, they have a special ramen named Aka Tonkotsu; original tonkotsu with spicy cod roe. That's my next destination. The overall service was fast and efficient but the ramen was outstanding.

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Monday-Friday: 11.30-2.30 & 5pm-9pm
Saturday-Sunday: 12am-9pm

Hakata Gensuke
168 Russell St
Melbourne, VIC 3000